Dispute: Angela Stefanski - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - The Legend of Zelda - NTSC - Fastest Completion [1st Quest] - Player: Rodrigo Lopes - Score: 31:37.0

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  1. 11-12-2019, 08:48 AM
    "I have devoted my available time and knowledge to the site, helped many people"

    While yes, you may have helped out people on TG, but you never offered any help to the people from SDA who asked. People who were curious about your routes, strategies, tricks and so on. This was however a quite common thing on both SDA and TG. Though there was at least communication at SDA; people talked about strategies and shared ideas.

    Your first (not counting your guest posts) post on SDA addresses this as well:

    It's understandable to want to challenge yourself in this way, to see how far you can go on your own. Though when it comes to any kind of competition to grow forward, you need to be able to share advice and take advice to others. The speedrun community grew enormously from this. It's why times are keep being pushed lower and lower, while new things can still be discovered in old games. This is impossible to achieve on your own. Quoting Radix, former site-owner at SDA:
    "Here's a hint to everyone. I'm GLAD when someone beats ANY run i have EVER done. That's the POINT of speed running. To see the fastest run. It doesn't matter if it's yours or if your previous run just helped the current record. The point is that it's faster."

    This is the general mentality and one of the reasons why speedrun sites kept growing while TG fell into the dust. Most players here were, and still are, only caring about being #1 and bragging about how many records you have, part of your PM to Jace includes this still. Old quote from you to me:
    "I don't need that nobody believes!
    My only intention is that you know which is the current record in Zelda because I am a player very dedicated in this I title and you also."

    When you then, at SDA, show up saying thing in the meaning of: Hi, I have a new record which no one will ever see or know anything about, please admire my awesome skills. (No exact quote) You also made fun of people and called them "weak", because we were sharing strategies and helped to push the times. Of course people won't be happy, of course people won't like you for it. Before these posts, there was no hate towards you.

    Later on, you asked for some help in the A Link to the Past topic at SDA, which I provided gladly. With you eventually saying:
    "some time ago I discussed with Tompa but we talk and we turned friends"
    I do consider myself a nice person and I have no hate against anyone. It's just very frustrating to know when someone refuses to help "people in need" because of selfish reasons.

    Eventually, you posted videos from a lot of your records, some of the individual level times for certain games were also the whole run. People appreciated this effort a lot, that you took the time to do it, there was no hate towards you here either. For the longer runs, only seeing the last few minutes was however a disappointment. and we had loved to see more of them. Like:
    "Your battle with Ganon in A Link to the Past was absolutely brilliant. It's too bad I couldn't see the full run."

    This is what we have always wanted: To see the run. I never doubted your gameplay abilities. It's just too bad that the world will never know. Many of your runs were impressive at the time, like your Zelda runs. To see, admire and give respect for your accomplishment. All of your Zelda records have long been obsoleted, all of your strategies have certainly already been found by all the dedicated players. We can't credit anything to you, as you never shared them. We can't admire your gameplay skills, as we have barely seen them. We can't trust the record, as we haven't seen it.

    To be honest, I don't care too much if the runs are spliced or not. When I found out that TSA had spliced most of his Zelda runs, I didn't inform people about it at once. He had already retired, many of his runs were already improved. Spliced or not, but his runs started the Zelda speedrun community in a way, he was a pioneer in that regard. It made people excited to see the runs and it brought a lot of players to the scene, myself included. If you, back then, had showed your runs, people would have looked at your differently. You would be remembered as "That great Zelda player", instead of "That guy who refused to share anything."

    It was true 12-13 years ago, and it's still true today...
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