M.A.M.E. - Mr. TNT - Points [Marathon Settings] - 32,735,540 - Jason Vasiloff

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Mr. TNT - Points [Marathon Settings] - 32,735,540 - Jason Vasiloff

    08-17-2019, 05:02 PM

    Points [Marathon Settings]
    WolfMame version
    Score Track
    ROMSet: MrTNT
    Service Mode: Off
    Lives: 2
    Bonus Life: 150k
    Cabinet: Upright
    Unknown: Off
    Special Rules: None
    Submission Message
    Played for MGL 40.

    This is a somewhat strange submission, as the vast majority of the points came from 2 men. I was shooting for the best first-man score I could get, and I was able to hit over 15 million (I beat this with my next run). After I died, I had to return a phone call, and look up something on the internet, so I tried to do both of those things while continuing to play - as you can see from my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lives, this didn't go so well haha. I was able to finish what I was doing, and fully concentrate on the game again with my 5th life, which I was able get close to 16 million with before dying. After that I had had enough, so I sacked my last life on the 2nd screen. If you can fight the boredom (and your bladder!), this score can go way higher...the one-life track makes a lot more sense to compete on.

    Thanks for reviewing.

  2. 08-17-2019, 08:17 PM
    Not able to attach my .inp - I'm wondering if it's due to the file size (8.5 MB)?
  3. 08-17-2019, 10:18 PM
    Can you attach anything?
    Your TGTS submission has a 6MB zip attached - if it's a file size limitation here, seems odd for the limit to be between 6-8MB.

    Maybe try splitting your zip, but then you will probably need to do some creative file renaming...
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  4. 08-18-2019, 08:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by terencew View Post
    Can you attach anything?
    Your TGTS submission has a 6MB zip attached - if it's a file size limitation here, seems odd for the limit to be between 6-8MB.

    Maybe try splitting your zip, but then you will probably need to do some creative file renaming...
    Curiously, it IS the size of the file that causes the issue - there is no indication in the upload dialog as to what this limitation is, but it is indeed somewhere between 6-8 MB. The silly thing is, I can add two separate attachments (whose combined size is over the limit), to a single post without a problem...sigh.

    So I used the 7-zip console to split the .zip file into 2 parts - of course, the TG uploader won't allow .001 or .002 extensions to be uploaded (the outputs of the split), so i had to add a superfluous .zip extension to the attachments. For anyone wanting to view the .inp, download both attachments, remove the final .zip extension from both files, then open the .001 archive, and extract the .zip file within it...that .zip file will have the .inp in it as usual.
    Attached Files Attached Files
  5. 08-18-2019, 05:26 PM
    Begging everyone's patience - this analysis could take a while...
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  6. 08-19-2019, 06:55 AM
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    The following tests and reports are neither exhaustive nor definitive,
    and should not be assumed as such in order to verify authenticity of a submission.

    Starting check on Mon 19/08/2019 at 22:18:48.87

    Zip test
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 8945326 bytes (8736 KiB)
    Testing archive: E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\JRV-mrtnt-32735540.zip
    Path = E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\JRV-mrtnt-32735540.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 8945326
    Everything is Ok
    Size:       9236082
    Compressed: 8945326
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    Zip list
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 8945326 bytes (8736 KiB)
    Listing archive: E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\JRV-mrtnt-32735540.zip
    Path = E:\MAME\ALLexes\inp\MARP\JRV-mrtnt-32735540.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 8945326
    Path = JRV-mrtnt-32735540.inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 9236082
    Packed Size = 8945148
    Modified = 2019-08-12 13:15:39
    Created = 2019-08-18 12:43:47
    Accessed = 2019-08-18 12:43:47
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = 2FC9E731
    Method = Deflate
    Characteristics = NTFS
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    Volume Index = 0
    Offset = 0
    7-Zip 18.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-01-28
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    MAME Major Version 199

    What MAME thinks:
    Input file: mrtnt.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Mon Aug 12 08:04:23 2019
    Recorded using 0.199W (wolf199)
    Total playback frames: 1131856
    Average recorded speed: 100%
    Average speed: 100.00% (185 seconds)

    Source driver:
    mrtnt pacman.cpp
    Generic Info for game:
    ROM set changed: no
    0.106-0.212: mrtnt - "Mr. TNT"
    Resolution, 0.106-0.113: 288x224 @ 60.606060Hz
    Resolution, 0.114-0.212: 288x224 @ 60.606061Hz
    TG Game Entry: https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/mr-tnt/mame/
    Rules, Points [Marathon Settings]: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=9816
    Rules, Points [Tournament Settings]: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=9815

    INP dump not relevant

    MAME Info
    mrtnt is the parent set.
    MAMEInfo.dat entries: mrtnt and pacman.cpp
    MAMEInfo.dat entries for:
    0.34b4 [Brad Oliver]
    - 0.87: Vernimark fixed Mr. TNT colours (verified to use pacman proms). Added Pac-Man color proms ($0, 20).
    - 0.75u1: Added new gfx1/2 roms and prom ($0) to clone Gorkans [Tomasz Slanina].
    - 0.75: Added clone Gorkans (Techstar 1983). Gameplay works but there are no good gfx roms.
    - 12th October 2003: Tomasz Slanina sent in a driver for Gorkans, it's working except graphics are bad because graphics ROMs are missing.
    - 0.34b4: Brad Oliver added 'Mr. TNT' (Telko 1983).
    - 19th February 1998: Gary Walton dumped Mr. TNT.
    Other Emulators:
    * CottAGE
    * FB Alpha
    * VAntAGE
    Recommended Games (Maze 2):
    Crush Roller
    The Hand
    Lady Bug
    Lock'n'Chase (DECO Cassette)
    Mouse Trap
    Titan (Pac-Man hack)
    Check Man
    Hard Hat
    Jolly Jogger
    Macho Mouse
    Mogu Chan
    Pepper II
    Triple Punch
    Crystal Castles
    Flip & Flop (Max-A-Flex)
    Heart Attack
    Mr. TNT
    Rootin' Tootin' / La-Pa-Pa (DECO Cassette)
    Scrambled Egg
    Sindbad Mystery
    Swinging Singles
    Van-Van Car
    Jack Rabbit
    I'm Sorry
    Klad / Labyrinth
    Touche Me
    Twin Brats
    Romset: 24.8 kb / 10 files / 16.0 zip
    0.01 [Allard van der Bas, Nicola Salmoria]
    - pacmod, pacgal, piranha: Some notes about pacman.c. dwidel (ID 01051)
    - 0.207: Removed MCFG_DEVICE_REMOVE macro [Osso].
    - 0.206: Removed GFXDECODE MCFG macros [Vas Crabb].
    - 0.204: Removed AY8910/AY8912 MCFG macros [Osso].
    - 0.202: Fixed debug assertion in Pacman driver [Vas Crabb].
    - 0.201: Removed MCFG and old DEVCB macros [Ryan Holtz].
    - 0.198: Use new OUTPUT callback object in Pacman driver. Clean up some NAMCO line write handlers [AJR].
    - 0.189: Added new 74LS259 device [AJR].
    - 0.181: Added machine\epos.cpp/h. Removed machine\acitya.cpp/h and machine\theglobp.cpp/h. EPOS decryption simplification WIP (machine\epos.cpp) [smf].
    - 0.175: Fixed regression in 8bpm, drivfrcp and porky (s2650games_map). Fixed X and Y flip bits are ignored when sprite is rendered at top of screen due to vertical wrapping. Note: When a sprite is partially off the bottom of the screen (Y values less than $10) the hardware draws the missing parts at the top of the screen, basically wrapping the sprite [Robbbert].
    - 0.174: Added machine\acitya.h, machine\jumpshot.h, machine\pacplus.h and machine\theglobp.h. Allow separate Pacman driver building. Added fake includes till converted to device [Miodrag Milanovic].
    - 0.148u2: Pacman protection modernization [Miodrag Milanovic].
    - 0.148: Crazy Otto history writeup and documentation [Steve Golson].
    - 0.147: Pacman driver gamelist alignment [hap].
    - 0.146u2: Cleanup Pacman driver [hap].
    - 0.144u7: Kanikani updated dipswitches in Pacman driver.
    - 0.142u3: Angelo Salese removed deprecat.h dependancy and updated irqs accordingly for Pacman driver. Removed fake input port and speedup cheat in PuckMan, Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus.
    - 0.141u4: Atari Ace convert Pacman driver to driver_device.
    - 0.139u1: Atari Ace removed global variables from NAMCO sound core.
    - 0.131: Luigi30 crystallized Pacman driver.
    - 0.128u4: Removed machine\mspacman.c.
    - 0.125u3: David Haywood fixed duplicate input port bits in Pacman driver.
    - 0.118u5: Aaron Giles added new colortable management functions in emupal.c. These functions can be used to manage a colortable on top of the core palette in cases where TRANSPARENCY_COLOR is currently used (essentially mapping to a pen mask for TRANSPARENCY_PENS). Updated pacman, mappy, toypop and several other drivers to use the new functions.
    - 0.115u4: Aaron Giles removed colortables from a number of drivers that didn't need them. Also converted pacman and mappy drivers to collapse the colortable and palette. Changed palettesize to 512 colors.
    - 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 60.606061 Hz.
    - 0.111u3: Nathan Woods and Aaron Giles updated input port tokenization for MESS. Added support in MAME for "configuration" switches which are separate from dipswitches. These can be used to configure aspects of the game that don't correspond to dipswitches. Modified pacman.c to use configurations to control the speedup options. Removed '2x Speed Cheat' dipswitch.
    - 0.110u1: Aaron Giles added flip screen offsets needed with new video parameters in the Pacman driver.
    - 0.109u4: Aaron Giles updated documentation in Pacman driver to reflect actual sync chain. Fixed sound frequencies for 2650 conversions.
    - 0.101: Aaron Giles wired up save state support for all the games in Pacman driver and marked all games as GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE.
    - 0.93: Added clock parameter to Namco sound (96000 Hz).
    - 0.90u4: Added vidhrdw\pacman.c. Pacman driver update [smf]. pacman/pengo/jrpacman use the same tile/sprite decode and palette decode & sprite rendering. Renamed pengo sound & video hardware to pacman as it was used their first. Converted to use tilemaps. Merged memory maps. Added rom mirroring to pacman & moved any game that needs another rom into another map. Tidied up the mirroring in the S2650 games. Grouped the GAME() lines by hardware and then year. Changed gfx2 to gfx1 ($1000, 1800...) and palettesize to 32 colors in all games.
    - 0.69: Added machine\acitya.c (Atlantic City Action).
    - 0.62: Removed machine\shootbul.c.
    - 15th May 2002: Stephane Humbert fixed inputs and dipswitches in the Pac Man driver.
    - 0.58: Added includes\pacman.h.
    - 0.37b16: Added machine\mspacman.c.
    - 0.37b14: Renamed machine\theglob.c to theglobp.c.
    - 0.37b12: Added machine\shootbul.c. Changed VSync to 60.606060Hz.
    - 0.37b11: Added machine\jumpshot.c.
    - 0.37b4: Removed machine\pacman.c.
    - 26th April 1999: Zsolt Vasvari sent in a Pacman driver with support for "Ali Baba and 40 Thieves".
    - 0.35b3: Merged maketrax.c with pacman.c driver.
    - 0.34b2: Added machine\pacplus.c.
    - 0.33b7: Added machine\theglob.c.
    - 0.30: Added maketrax.c driver.
    - 0.28: Removed vidhrdw\pacman.c.
    - 0.20: Merged crush.c with pacman.c driver.
    - 0.19: Added crush.c driver.
    - 0.14: Merged crush.c with pacman.c driver.
    - 0.12: Added vidhrdw\generic.c/h.
    - 0.06: Changed crush\driver.c, pacman\driver.c, pacman\machine.c and pacman\vidhrdw.c to drivers\crush.c, drivers\pacman.c, machine\pacman.c and vidhrdw\pacman.c.
    - 0.04: Nicola Salmoria defined a generic interrupt_vector_w() function, this makes the Pac Man driver tinier (look at pacman/machine.c, it's now there only to handle the cheat).
    - 0.03: Removed crush\machine.c.
    - 0.02: Added pacman\vidhrdw.c.
    - 0.01: Added crush\driver.c, pacman\driver.c, crush\machine.c and pacman\machine.c.

    Human interpretation:
    Time calc: 08:04:23 + (1131856 frames ÷ 60.606061Hz @ 100% [5:11:15.62]) = 13:15:39 vs zip mod 13:15:39 [please allow for timezone differences]

    Name:  0000.png
Views: 65
Size:  26.5 KB

    Final score (+32M, rollover screenshots in next post) & signature:
    Name:  0033.png
Views: 66
Size:  89.2 KB

    Rollover screenshots to follow...
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  7. 08-19-2019, 07:32 AM
    Rollovers @1M - note frame #s for chronology. 1st to 30th (apparently there's a limit to the number of attachments per post!):

    Name:  0001.png
Views: 61
Size:  145.7 KB
    Name:  0002.png
Views: 64
Size:  167.8 KB
    Name:  0003.png
Views: 59
Size:  152.3 KB
    Name:  0004.png
Views: 61
Size:  170.4 KB
    Name:  0005.png
Views: 62
Size:  151.2 KB
    Name:  0006.png
Views: 60
Size:  164.6 KB
    Name:  0007.png
Views: 60
Size:  157.8 KB
    Name:  0008.png
Views: 59
Size:  151.9 KB
    Name:  0009.png
Views: 60
Size:  148.3 KB
    Name:  0010.png
Views: 58
Size:  162.1 KB
    Name:  0011.png
Views: 59
Size:  146.7 KB
    Name:  0012.png
Views: 61
Size:  164.6 KB
    Name:  0013.png
Views: 60
Size:  152.9 KB
    Name:  0014.png
Views: 58
Size:  169.3 KB
    Name:  0015.png
Views: 60
Size:  150.5 KB
    Name:  0016.png
Views: 61
Size:  151.5 KB
    Name:  0017.png
Views: 62
Size:  147.5 KB
    Name:  0018.png
Views: 59
Size:  153.4 KB
    Name:  0019.png
Views: 62
Size:  149.6 KB
    Name:  0020.png
Views: 59
Size:  149.9 KB
    Name:  0021.png
Views: 62
Size:  160.8 KB
    Name:  0022.png
Views: 63
Size:  161.7 KB
    Name:  0023.png
Views: 60
Size:  149.2 KB
    Name:  0024.png
Views: 62
Size:  167.2 KB
    Name:  0025.png
Views: 61
Size:  163.2 KB
    Name:  0026.png
Views: 59
Size:  161.7 KB
    Name:  0027.png
Views: 59
Size:  159.9 KB
    Name:  0028.png
Views: 60
Size:  169.5 KB
    Name:  0029.png
Views: 61
Size:  146.1 KB
    Name:  0030.png
Views: 60
Size:  161.9 KB
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  8. 08-19-2019, 07:34 AM
    Rollovers @1M - note frame #s for chronology. 31st to 32nd:

    Name:  0031.png
Views: 61
Size:  149.5 KBName:  0032.png
Views: 60
Size:  169.7 KB

    Maybe I should've just zipped them...
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  9. 08-19-2019, 09:41 AM
    Timestamp approximation for rollovers:
    11:05 1M
    20:44 2M
    30:23 3M
    39:39 4M
    48:34 5M
    58:24 6M
    1:07:52 7M
    1:17:30 8M
    1:27:09 9M
    1:37:09 10M
    1:46:04 11M
    1:55:43 12M
    2:05:10 13M
    2:14:27 14M
    2:23:55 15M
    2:33:44 16M
    2:43:12 17M
    2:51:56 18M
    3:01:13 19M
    3:10:41 20M
    3:19:46 21M
    3:29:14 22M
    3:38:20 23M
    3:47:48 24M
    3:57:15 25M
    4:06:54 26M
    4:16:44 27M
    4:26:11 28M
    4:35:28 29M
    4:44:56 30M
    4:54:23 31M
    5:04:02 32M
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  10. 08-19-2019, 09:42 AM
    VOTING YES. Rollovers check out. Great job! Accepted.
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