SNES / SFC - Uniracers - NTSC - Bounder [Circle - Points] - 393 - Hector Rodriguez

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  1. SNES / SFC - Uniracers - NTSC - Bounder [Circle - Points] - 393 - Hector Rodriguez

    08-23-2019, 07:00 PM

    NTSC - Bounder [Circle - Points]
    1 Player Only, May Use Any Uni, May Freely Choose Difficulty Level [No Codes Allowed!]
    Special Rules: None
    Submission Message
    System boot up and cartridge shown within the first minute.

    Submitted score of 393 on Circle at around 28:39.

    Game was played in my home arcade in La Puente California on 8/22/2019

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  2. 08-27-2019, 06:08 PM
    Just this second, confirmed two Ebay orders.
    One was this game, boxed, cardboard sleeve, Generic Nintendo pamphlet, 20$.
    The other was for the manual and the Map Poster, another 20$.
    (Wife is AWESOME...)
    (Seriously? I'm freaking out over how relatively inexpensive that seems, and would have been more than that in the store in 1994...)

    I love that I can play on flash. If I'm being honest doing it, I believe it's honest. I have no problems with it.

    But Damn, Collecting kicks ass, especially with awesome games like this one!!!


    I can't possibly keep up with you or the Brothers Chaudoin( awesome that they evidently loved the game together and pushed each other!!!), but I'm sooo tickled to have this one in my collection, such a great game!!!

    Accepted, BTW!!!
    Droplets of yes and no
    In an ocean of maybe
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