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    09-12-2019, 11:15 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by sprinter461 View Post
    Or is that because nobody has taken the time to even make people aware of who was honestly on the team in the first place? Several people took it upon themselves to essentinally obliterate the WikiPedia site team page.

    Several people were adding information to the wikipedia site (an open information source) to add people such as Billy Mitchell and Carie Swidecki. Other people kept erasing her from the page, as if to erase her from history. Patrick Patterson or You kept modifying and edit-warring to the point that it raised the attention of legit administrators, and they had to come in and lay down the law. They explained that wikipedia is to be a summary of third party information of relevant topics, not just a copy-paste of your own website.

    To say that people went in there and sabotaged the wiki article is a disengenious at worst and a blatant lie at best. Anyone can go there and see the history thankfully. Unlike rare prototype video games, the information is actually preserved.

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