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    09-12-2019, 11:15 AM
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    Or is that because nobody has taken the time to even make people aware of who was honestly on the team in the first place? Several people took it upon themselves to essentinally obliterate the WikiPedia site team page.

    Several people were adding information to the wikipedia site (an open information source) to add people such as Billy Mitchell and Carie Swidecki. Other people kept erasing her from the page, as if to erase her from history. Patrick Patterson or You kept modifying and edit-warring to the point that it raised the attention of legit administrators, and they had to come in and lay down the law. They explained that wikipedia is to be a summary of third party information of relevant topics, not just a copy-paste of your own website.

    To say that people went in there and sabotaged the wiki article is a disengenious at worst and a blatant lie at best. Anyone can go there and see the history thankfully. Unlike rare prototype video games, the information is actually preserved.

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    Did I just get Alpigered?Name:  mark Alpigger dk finger.jpg
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  3. 09-13-2019, 03:29 AM
    [QUOTE=datagod;1053507]Did I just get Alpigered?QUOTE]

    YES you did.

    Welcome to the club!

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  4. 09-22-2019, 04:48 AM
    Hi all - I'm bumping this thread since it seems like a "natural home" for DK Dispute-related discussion that falls outside the scope recently identified by Jace in his latest post (maybe the title be edited to "Off-topic-posts-...")

    I'll start things off by sharing side developments - Tipster, who recently did some videos on Billy Mitchell based on the work of ersatz_cats (the MTV video) and a second that featured the interview with Steve and Billy about video submissions (“Yet another Interview Surfaces further debunking Billy…”) recently made these videos private based on new information, prompting Tipster to cite his original source as a "bullshitter." We know that Tipster messed up the timelines on the 1.014 m and 1.047 m submission, so maybe that mix-up prompted him to pull the videos. I should add that ersatz_cats was not the source in question as Tipster didn't reach out during the making of his videos. Still, I think a timeline correction would have been sufficient. Maybe more was said, it would be interesting to hear what was exactly said since this same information is contained in the dispute. So if you end up looking for the videos, it's not a faulty memory, they were made private.
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  5. 09-22-2019, 11:14 AM
    Will Tipster be filing an official retraction? Will he make a video clarifying the issue?

    He also recently set ALL his videos to private and said he was moving over to Twitch. Youtube is tone deaf when it comes to supporting their contributors. They reversed a decistion to remove "verified" status from non-celebreties. So stupid.

    His videos are back, but not the Billy Mitchell videos.
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  6. 09-26-2019, 07:26 AM
    I might have some interesting info on the 1062800 score, but since I am not a (long time) member i cannot post in the dispute tread.
    Where can I leave this info?
  7. 10-01-2019, 08:18 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by MaOfDe View Post
    I might have some interesting info on the 1062800 score, but since I am not a (long time) member i cannot post in the dispute tread.
    Where can I leave this info?
    being new or long term is not the cause. any verified (dont confuse registered and verified, but to post here in this thread you are likely verified) member has the same access to posting in disputes. billy's dispute in particular however is closed as a decision has been reached. this thread though is opened for follow up conversation
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  8. 10-14-2019, 03:10 AM
    I also interested in 1062800
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