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    09-12-2019, 10:45 AM
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    My only issue was I never understood why you turned your back on your legacy, but you cleared it up for me. Thank you.

    I apologise for my last post, and I respect your participation here while the others who been vocal won't get involved. Takes alot of guts to get involved in this cespool of a topic.

    I'm not on any team anymore. I don't have any issues with Scott and have alot of respect for the fact he's distanced himself from all this bullshit. I do hope he is successful with his new endeavour and hope you guys do finally get rolling with getting the history of the USNVGT up. I just hope it isn't biased but I am aware from Jeff Peters there is some great stuff he provided and others that needs to go live. Sadly no one else will do it, so even though I have my reservations about Scott or you handling it, it's better than all of that history getting deleted or trashed.

    I have my own focus these days, I'm no longer defending Walter and Billy, they can do that on their own as they are attempting, and finally getting their hands dirty.
    I'm not sure how I turned my back on my legacy. Pretty sure I embraced it. If I turned my back on it, no way the doc gets made. During Man vs Snake, How do you think Billy, Dwayne, Enrico etc ended up in the doc? The doc was 100% about me. And nobody else. And I didn't want it to be. I wanted it to be about Nibbler. I wanted it to be about the billion. I wanted it to be about marathoning. I did NOT want it to be like KoK. I didn't want people excluded. Ask the producers. Ask Tim and Andy. Every time Elijah Hayter played, every time Rick Carter played... I made sure Tim and Andy were 100% aware. I called them. I sent them stream links etc. I did everything in my power to get everybody involved. But Tim and Andy told THEIR story... as film makers... the story they saw, were interested in, and wanted to tell. I had no control.

    You think I'm happy this happened? You think I take pleasure in any of this? It makes me fucking sick! Billy and Walter were nice to me. To my face. Always. Behind my back? You'd be surprised. Let's just say a 100% factual account of the U.S. National Video Game Team bus trip in the summer of 1983 has never been accurately told. That's another story, for another time. There's far more to my "legacy" from my time in the 80's than you know right now. And most of it you know from Walter and Billy's accounts, and retelling. As you can see from this "evidence" they shared... their stories... the math doesn't add up a lot more times than you realize. Especially if you were there and knew the truth. But it's funny, when your version, the actual details don't line up with Walter and Billy's fantasized revisionist version of some of the storys... you are called a liar. You are labeled as jealous etc. So eventually you just say screw all this and walk away. Until a documentary crew comes and finds you decades later... so please, don't speak on my legacy. Not when you don't have the full story. Not when you can't stop and consider that perhaps not everything you think you know was real, and happened the way it was presented to you.

    Your apology is hollow. I'd like to say I accept it. But I can't. This isn't the first time you have apologized to me. And the previous apologies were very hollow. So I've no reason to view this one any differently. Actions speak louder than words. When your actions and words do not align, then it's all hollow to me.

    Jeff Peters is amazing. I was fortunate enough to have spent but a brief amount of time with him at Score Wars in Santa Fe back in March of 2018. Our time together was far too brief. It was one of the most enjoyable and memorable meetings I've had with anyone in recent years. As was meeting Jason Reynolds in St Louis at Mo Games Con II. There is much to add. But this is a side project. Scott and I have lives to lead and familes. And we work on this as time allows on the side. Google the team name. Look around the site. Maybe you aren't even aware of what IS there now. But there is MUCH to add. And it takes time. But like I said we are working on it... as we find time in our day to day lives to devote to it. Want an example of what I am talking about? Do some research. Look for some info on Jay Kim. Tim Collum. Scott Rogers. Share with me what you find. Then maybe you'll get a slightly better understanding of the challenge.

    As you noted, Scott and I took this upon ourselves because nobody else would do it. I have another challenge for you. Without looking at the USNVGT page right now, how many people can you name from the team? Just off your memory and knowledge of the team. Now go look at how many are listed. So the common response is, I know the the handful, the most famous members. Now ask yourself a question. Is that because the ones you don't know aren't worthy of knowing? Or is that because nobody has taken the time to even make people aware of who was honestly on the team in the first place? Several people took it upon themselves to essentinally obliterate the WikiPedia site team page.

    My hope is someday down the road, we get the site to where Scott and I envisioned it when we decided to do this. I'm hopeful at that time perhaps TG ownership will consider sharing reciprocal links with us. So that more people will get an opportunity to learn about the people that were chosen to be part of the U.S. National Video Game Team.
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