Fairness in Disputes / Can I call 'class' into question?

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  1. Fairness in Disputes / Can I call 'class' into question?

    09-17-2019, 06:03 AM
    I find it curious to see how this 'fair' investigation and 'open' discussion has been handled. To me, 'fairness' entails representation from both sides of the opinion spectrum getting equal billing, allowing those discussing, to have equal access to information to make up their own mind. When you look at the dispute thread on this website, when you look in the comments of YouTube videos (or actually, don't), or when I look on my own private Facebook page wherein, I choose to post most, as to not disrupt more official discussion of the matters at hand; you don't see what I would call 'fair.' Don't get me wrong, me centering to my personal account is a matter of respect for the classic game community, not a tell as to how often I check in on the dispute, or how informed I remain in these matters.

    Daily, rather, hourly it seems, I get messages or comments attempting to shake my opinions of Billy Mitchell. Furthermore, the commenters always feel the need to inform me that they don't really care about the issue, or that they mean no malice to my friend. Alright, let's unpack that: When you private message me a long list of technical jargon asking for my response (and let's be clear for those playing at home, I have always publically stated that I not apt or really willing to talk about tech, as it's not my expertise...), knowing that nothing I will say will satisfy you, what could your motive be if not to harm? What do you want, if not me to type “You're right. He cheated.” What do you want other than eliminating a friendship? You don't care? You mean no ill will? If that was the case, you'd ignore me, your side is WILDLY more covered than mine and I am choosing to post 90% of my content on my private page. You make a comment about my friend's character anywhere online, and you make it as cruel or dark as you want to go, and you are congratulated across the internet. I state my belief in my friend on a personal outlet, and I met with comments about my intelligence, my lack of knowledge (can we please accept that I've done my homework and stop sending me links I can find myself?), and more. Your aim is hurt me or him. Your aim is to sway me. Your aim is to have your ego stroked by tearing my intelligence (I'll show you my transcripts, if you'd like...) or his character down, in order to distance him from a positive posting opinion and friend. You don't want real 'fair.' You want an information monopoly. You don't want this to go to court, you want to stay on the 'open and fair' internet. The only 'good' coverage you find out there, makes hair and hot sauce jokes, while confirming what you want to hear and focusing only on 'technical evidence.' Okay, so let's break down that focus on the technical down, now:

    Of course, we want to focus on the technical. In focusing on something black and white, the human drama of this situation can be removed. Let's talk only tech, after-all, this is an argument about video game scores held among very human men, so tech is all that is in question...right? Re-read that sentence and tell me how this was ever going to be pretty; it wasn't. When arguing in the Billy Mitchell dispute, it's par for the course to bring my friend's character into play, further proving how he is cheating monster. It is also par to cling to 'technical evidence' and never never bring the characters of the other players into play. What haven't we heard about Billy Mitchell? I've heard everything from white supremacist to cutting in a buffet line. What haven't I been inboxed about? Or told he'll do to me? I've been told to watch my back. I've been told pretty disgusting things for two years (and let's not forget Billy Mitchell hate can also come with a 'nice ****' as well, as the community has proven to be full of gentlemen of valor...mi'lady). Yet, when I contest with questionable facts I've read up on about others of note in this dispute, no one likes that.

    No one likes to think about the character of Jace Hall:

    We've forgotten that Jace was getting traffic to the life supported Twin Galaxies website very near dispute time. We've forgotten the Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell witch trails brought traffic that helps generate revenue for Twin Galaxies. We've forgotten Jace created bots to further traffic. Gosh, if Twin Galaxies wasn't doing so well and traffic was increased, not only with Hall's robot army, but by news of the most polarizing man in gaming getting a public hanging was helping traffic, you are really going to tell me that it was 100% handled fairly!? That the bots and Jace really wanted a swift end that proved the best case situation? (The best case would be that no one lied and Billy was innocent, by the way, because how in the WORLD would Billy's guilt be good for a RECORD KEEPING company, other than generating income, even modest income, with website hits centered around a controver---oh, damn, proved my point.). And lets talk about Rick Fox and Jace's partners and employees, as well. After all, I am warned against my own partnership with Billy Mitchell in my musical. I am told who my friend is and how he will treat me, alright, friends of a 'Fair Jace Hall' let's read some of these articles in which your fair, honorable friend is called into question. I've even heard the bubbles of complaints that the uploading of Billy's draft documents (cus please be clear, you guys, that's not a legal filling...yet) didn't get enough traffic. Here's my links on Jace's character and how Jace is shown to treat friends and partners and employees:






    ANNNNND there's more.

    No one likes to think about the character of Robert Mruczek (I'm going to stop citing links, as I think my point is made, even got some polygon.com, in there for our fans): A man who had the tapes for sometime and who's frame by frame is considered gold, yeah? Look, I don't really take my proof from cave trolls with an anime **** collection, but looking at the facts that you all have told me, this guy has screwed countless score submissions and made statements that are just wrong about many. The man is proven to be ill tempered, self-serving and frankly just creepy. Please don't site the weeb crypt keeper to me any-longer. His character is no stronger than others. And it's no where near Billy Mitchell's.

    No one likes to think about the characters of Dwayne Richards (countless voice mails, emails, and let's be honest shady deals), Carlos Pinero (who seems nice enough, but lied and admits it) Tim Sczerby (he called the theatre festival I was premiering my musical at and left threats for Billy Mitchell, my first trip with the man was nearly canceled), Cat 'Despira' Test, Patrick Scott Patterson, and more. And yes, I already hear: “But Casey, none of this matters, it's not TECHNICAL EVIDENCE.” No. It's human evidence. If your tactics about Billy Mitchell in my inbox, profile wall, or on this 'fair' dispute are allowed, my questions about the characters of his investigators and the players on the other team are also allowed. Character questions do matter in court. They also matter in making up your mind on who the real villains are, not the villains in movies, the villains on the 'fair' internet. The ones who 'don't care.' The ones who 'don't want to hurt anyone' and who 'only want the truth'. Be ready to call all the characters into question when you dispute my friend and his character. To tell me my assumption that there would be wrong doing in not only this investigation but malice of intent against Billy Mitchell is as stupid, as you not thinking about my side, at all. It's a stupid as you trying to take my experiences away from me. It's a stupid as only calling on the character of one man and 'technical evidence.' Let's be fair. Let's all think a little. It's not so black and white. 'Fair' is a big grey area and I'm standing in it with Billy Mitchell. Nothing technical thus far has proven my friend a cheater.
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