TI-99 Questionable Scores...

  1. 11-26-2019, 01:54 AM
    Hi all,

    Just to follow up on the progress, on my Parsec journey reaching for 1 million.

    As mentioned in my last post, in this tread, I don’t think that the #1 Parsec score is imaginary but the way that the score was made is probably not completely true.

    I have now reached 740K in around one hour of play, so no need to plan several hours or whole days to reach the million - as mentioned on the web / this tread.

    Still to come are “ships flying backwards and speeds so fast that’s impossible to manage” - could be the next level, no one knows...

  2. 11-28-2019, 09:49 PM
    for what its worth douglass has really high scores on atari as well, so i asked around, and apparently he's respected. when scores fall more under "too good to be true that score is so hard" as opposed to truly impossible we have no choice but to take reputation into account. there are a few people who when i see a score 10x better than anyone else and zero proof to match, due to their other actions i have instant strong doubt. however, considering douglass to my knowledge has zero scores proven false (cheaters normally screw up at least once and have a fake digit somewhere, even if they explain it and dont get banned, we still see they had a fake score), so considering he doesnt even have a single provable fake score and his reputation is respected i do believe in giving him the benefit of the doubt

    note: i'm not just a suck up. i have no problem saying when i wont give someone the benefit of the doubt. but for now, even though i know nothing of douglass first hand, people that i respect have told me they respect him, and like i say all his scores are theoretically possible, so i do think benefit of the doubt applies
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