Post Verdict Dispute Discussion: Jeremy Young - Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - Player: Billy L Mitchell - Score: 1,062,800

  1. 07-17-2020, 11:18 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninglendo View Post
    Just in case that forum thread gets deleted because of added pressure to do so here are the screenshots.

    Yes. It is interesting that threads, names, and scores SOMEHOW always seem to disappear when the heat is on.
    Especially during the "Jurassic era", when the corrupt dinosaur referees roamed the "galaxy".
    that what screenshots (fossils) are for, so we archaelogist can inform future generations of these forgotten obscure relics
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  2. 07-18-2020, 05:45 AM
    To Streetwize... If the Anti Slap doesn't throw out Mitchell's case in October, which is likely to happen, Mitchell has to prove that Twin Galaxies knew the 3 DK scores were legitimate after the dispute process, but purposely removed them because they don't like Mitchell in essence.
    "Defamation". TG along with others like Carlos Pineiro and myself assisting Carlos, who were initially on behalf of Bill, thoroughly examined the footage of the 2 scores that had long been represented as arcade records for years until a dispute was brought to TG, which triggered the investigation into the recreation of the direct feed setup on the exact equipment used to allegedly record the games on the tapes, in the case of what Carlos and myself were privy too from Mitchell, and similar equipment that TG, Chris Gleed, and others used to also recreate the direct feed setup, and also examine the footage of the games, which they did, frame by frame, and even received digitized copies from an ally of Bill's which showed even more clearly the emulated signatures throughout the entire course of the footage of those games. It is not a question of "IF", but "When" the truth will come to light in a courtroom if it goes that far.
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  3. 07-18-2020, 07:03 AM
    Hi Steve, thanks for your comments. Working with people on Team Billy, what are your thoughts on HeadCasey Ross making hit videos now in an attempt to shame or embarass former members or investigators?

    Here she is mocking Carlos and Apollo, calling them terrible names. I really don't see her helping Billy at all. She seems to have replaced Joel West as the public relations disaster, although with less visible seething anger.
    Your friend, datagod

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  4. 07-21-2020, 06:07 PM
    When I looked up a site mentioned in the files that was once owned by Dwayne Richard, the domain appeared to be turned into propaganda for him as a YouTube video. I left a few comments calling the uploader out for clear bias and deflection, but then someone named "Billy Mitchell" tried to rebuff me. In a second comment he just flat out calls me a knucklehead. The first comment states the same things Mr. Mitchell would, but I cannot confirm if this is actually him since the profile lacks any sort of information whatsoever. Someone more familiar with him could verify if what he says lines up with him. It could very well be someone impersonating him, or even van Buren himself. I'll leave it all here, grab some dinner, and catch up on what I missed in case there's anything I need to reply to. I know someone mentioned me earlier at least.
    My archive to preserve proof

    Edit: To prevent link spam since I can't seem to disregard links from editing. I only wanted to link the comment; not the video itself.
    watch?v=6llcA-Gk1N4&lc=Ugwx79XEwCBBvfHOjGd4AaABAg.8rL0nyYBmI09BN qMUNw0ui Him saying things he previously stated
    watch?v=6llcA-Gk1N4&lc=UgwYkVy-ibgs5UgvdHF4AaABAg.8rMHsH-dXL79BNrOtKX_C1 Calling me a name
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  5. 07-21-2020, 08:03 PM
    Oh. Turns out I only missed one other post.

    It's nice to see how blind Billy is when damning himself in his efforts to exonerate himself. I don't know much about the legal world, but I can use logic at least. The way this case should go is pretty clear-cut. I'm not one to usually think too far ahead, though I'm sure they're already prepared if it does actually go to court. The way you make it sound though, Steve, is like the evidence he provided won't mean much at all if that's the crux of the case. But hey. If who commented really is Mr. Mitchell, then he's no less innocent in the YouTube harassment he wants to claim he was victim to. It's kind of an honor to get insulted by some big name whose internet presence is limited anyway. That's not something that happens every day 😜, even though it's the reason I bothered to reply and slam his "shifting the goalpost" argument.

    The lady in question is EXTREMELY similar to the other person whose video I linked for the comments (vanBuren20). I'm not going to waste much time with her. The people he's getting to support him really aren't making him look good. Attacking Apollo Legend is one thing, but Mr. Piñiero is just low. Both are people who aren't in positions to defend themselves at all, but Carlos was just trying to do his job. She claims he can't get his story straight, but whatever contacts she's wearing must be really blurry. The arguments she presents have no weight at all, and the number of contradictions in Mr. Mitchell's packages between both the two of them and the facts is a pretty transparent example of someone who can't keep THEIR story straight. His story isn't even straight regarding Mr. Piñiero himself. First Carlos supposedly retracted his findings and was in support of him, and now he supposedly never represented him? Why did he go to Carlos in the first place for his signature then?
    It's stupid; she's just a parrot, and the information Datagod posted about her revealed just how much of a bias she has in all this. Shame he got banned though. I know he causes some issues, but it looked like he was starting to show a little improvement. I was kinda hoping he'd help verify if the "Billy Mitchell" who commented on my post spoke anything like the real one. If anyone else can help (or if there's a way to contact him [Datagod]), I'd appreciate it.
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  6. 07-23-2020, 02:20 AM
    Casey Ross, who I know little about, nor do i care too, TROLLED my facebook page a few weeks ago and tried to start **** with me by commenting on a post I had made a week earlier, ripping on some music lyrics I posted.....

    Casey Ross Don't quit your day job. This isn't poetry.

    Steven KleisathIf you would like to check out my day work, look up "Further Seems Forever" and "The Darling Fire" on Spotify, Pandora, or anywhere really, lol

    Casey RossMat McGill touche I guess I should have said not *good* poetry. The drummer maybe should add depth of word smithing to the rhythm, I suppose.

    Steven KleisathCasey Ross well considering the singer for my group is one of the most modern influential singer songwriters of the last 15 years, I guess you can only please some of the people some of the time.

    Casey RossBuy my book on Amazon, Kindle, LuLu, Barnes & Noble or anywhere. We can trade.

    Casey RossNah, I'm just giving Steve a little of his own medicine. He certainly has had opinions on my art. As has most the community. I'm allowed to dis art I don't like. I'm pretty art accredited. Dish and take, gentlemen.

    Steven KleisathMy own medicine? Um i know very little about any of your art nor have I made mention of it.This is a post from a week ago that has nothing to do with you that you just decided to make a reply on. Lets dial down the delusion.

    Casey Ross Steven Kleisath You forgot how we met, huh?

    Steven Kleisath Yeah read our message thread to get re-acquainted in which i state the same thing. Initial contact was about an arcade contest that Sid Seattle put me in contact with you about. You stated what the whole thing was about , unbeknownst to me,and i gave a thumbs up. Where are the comments and insults and critique i made about your art? Please screen shot those and repost here please. I will be happy to screen our whole FB message thread here if you would like.

    SO.... We have never physically met ofcourse, and we have a grand total of one private message on Facebook from almost 2 years ago in which I messaged her giving her my arcade accolades for an "arcade contest" that Sid Seattle(Robert Racek) told me she was putting together. She replied telling me it was actually a playwright she was doing and the arcade part of it was a side event and already filled up, guest spot wise at that point, and I literally thumbs upped her reply and that was it. Never any other communication again, LOL.

    "Don't confuse these people with the facts"- Neil Rogers.

    Casey RossSteven Kleisath You forgot how we met, huh?
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  7. 07-23-2020, 05:56 AM
    This is all you need to know...The FACTS!!!

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  8. 07-23-2020, 09:38 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by The Evener View Post
    Really good point. We've expended some energy in other threads reviewing how Walter started TG and how the TGIS operated.

    In the 2020.06.22 Declaration Exhibits [Mitchell], looking at Exhibit 1 - Walter Day, Paragraph 4:

    "From 1982 to 2014, Twin Galaxies adjudicated records through two methods: on-site referee adjudication and video adjudication. In the 1980s, Twin Galaxies solely operated through on-site referee verification, because players rarely possessed video equipment. In the 1990s, we introduced video adjudication, so players could participate from their homes remotely."

    This is what Walter remembered in the first edition of the Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records (Fairfield, Iowa: Sunstar Publishing, 1998) as TG's origin story in February 1982 under the heading "Receiving Our First Score":

    Casey Murphy, of Goodlettsville, TN, had scored over 565,000 points on Galaga. Like a million other kids, he was on fire to learn if his score was the highest in the world. Calling MIDWAY GAMES in Chicago, IL, he thought, was the way to get his answer.

    Little did Murphy realize that merely twenty-five minutes before he called MIDWAY, a very thankful receptionist had scribbled Twin Galaxies' phone number in her Rolodex and was now, with great relief, forwarding his inquiry to us.

    I told Casey what the highest score in the world was (it was achieved by our night manager). Casey's score and the night manager's score were the only two scores we had on Galaga. "You have the second highest score in the world," I announced solemnly.

    Casey was ecstatic. He shouted the incredible news to someone else at his end of the phone. He promised that he he would get back on the game immediately and try to become number one.

    The scoreboard started simply as this. The next day we had two phone calls, one of them from Casey with a newer, much higher score...

    By the end of March, the scoreboard was getting about twenty-five calls per day. In April, international calls started arriving from Japan, Mexico, Italy, and Canada. I changed the name of the scoreboard to the "Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard." (pp. 759-761).

    EDIT: Not to put too fine a point on it, but TG's promotional efforts to be the "official scoreboard" led to significant press coverage back in the day. A quick search through the newspaper archives will provide numerous examples of articles about local players calling into TG to have their score accepted as a world record; other papers carried a TG sample of high scores with information about how players could submit their own scores like this example from the Charlotte Observer 10 Sept 1982. TG records and submission info were also carried in gaming magazines like Joystik. In light of Walter's central role in TG's administration, his exhibit that "Twin Galaxies solely operated through on-site referee verification" during the 80s is confusing and inaccurate.

    Attachment 113159
    Steve Sanders with a 1.4M Donkey Kong score. Seems legit with robust verification.
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  9. 07-23-2020, 12:30 PM
    Guinness World Records Should Stay Out of Gaming (Karl Jobst)

    Skip to 10:02 if you want the comments specifically about Billy Mitchell.
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  10. 07-23-2020, 03:13 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch Mitchell View Post
    Steve Sanders with a 1.4M Donkey Kong score. Seems legit with robust verification.
    There seem to be a lot of mistakes in pre-TGSAP scores. I drilled down aimlessly after seeing the reference to Joystik Magazine and found this date discrepancy in Stargate. I recognized Ben Gold's name because I recently rewatched Chasing Ghosts so I decided to check this one score.

    The date in the magazine is April 24, 1982, and the date on the scoreboard is September 28, 1982. Not a big deal or anything but it raises more questions about the quality of the old score submissions. In this case it could be a mistake in the database, or in the info Walter sent over to Joystik, or a data entry error by the staff at Joystik, and who can really say after so much time has passed. We depend on the scoreboard to have valid data, but a full auditing against TG data published elsewhere will make it more difficult to have confidence.

    My apologies if this was already known and doesn't advance the discussion at all! I just face-palmed when I checked a single score and happened to find an error.
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