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    Yesterday, 01:20 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I have created a MGL games list spreadsheet with every game from MGL8 to the most recent MGL50


    MGL Organisers

    There has been many MLG organisers throughout the years which include Amy DKong Jed @John73 @OOO

    MGL Winners

    Recent MGL winners which include:

    MGL30 winner: @DaLar
    MGL31 winner: @Barra
    MGL32 winner: @DaLar
    MGL33 winner: @Barra
    MGL34 winner: @JasonV91
    MGL35 winner: @Todayisforgotten
    MGL36 winner: @DaLar
    MGL37 winner: @Todayisforgotten
    MGL38 winner: @Todayisforgotten
    MGL39 winner: @JasonV91
    MGL40 winner: @JasonV91
    MGL41 winner: @JasonV91
    MGL42 winner: @megaderek
    MGL43 winner: @ILLSeaBass
    MGL44 winner: @ILLSeaBass
    MGL45 winner: @Blackflag82
    MGL46 winner: @RMacauley
    MGL47 winner: @redelf
    MGL48 winner: @dbh
    MGL49 winner: @ZNC
    MGL50 winner: @redelf

    Thanks to @Tracey for the help on the spreadsheet

    Feel free to comment below if I have missed anything thank you.
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