Post Verdict Dispute Discussion: Jeremy Young - Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - Player: Billy L Mitchell - Score: 1,062,800

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  1. 11-16-2021, 09:00 PM
    One of the admissions was "Admit that Race called Mitchell", which made me burst out laughing. Mitchell did not ONCE allege that Race called him during his initial complaint, a fact noted clearly in the motion to dismiss. He wants challenge that now? He should have claimed that first if he wanted any sort of momentum. He can't backpedal now, especially when he went well beyond the limit.

    By the way, I looked into the other case cited for social media as minimum contacts, Gubarev v. Buzzfeed, Inc., and, once again, it's social media related to business. This time around it was about advertising to Florida that lead to defamation. It still means nothing as far as this case is concerned. It's like saying a motorcycle is legal in a cycling race because it is technically a bike too.
    Him bringing up Race's claim that he worked with Mitchell doesn't qualify as business either. Unless you want to say that playing video games with someone is the same thing as playing mind games as both are "playing games".

    See the recurring pattern here of misinterpretation? It's littered throughout many of his arguments.
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