Post Verdict Dispute Discussion: Jeremy Young - Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - Player: Billy L Mitchell - Score: 1,062,800

  1. 09-14-2020, 07:43 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by ProveAll View Post
    Rick Fothergill DID achieve his perfect Pac-Man at Funspot on 07-31-1999.

    Walter posted the wrong location for Rick, but correctly notes the type of submission.
    I've been very curious about the circumstances of the Gentleman's agreement that was struck where (as I understand) according to its terms Fothergill and Mitchell would forgo competing separately on the title over the intervening months (perhaps practicing but nothing would be official) and then return to Funspot in 2000 to resume a live, head-to-head contest to see who could achieve the Perfect Pac first (I presume that others could in principle jump in at the next tournament, like Ayra). Presumably, resuming it at next year's tournament would provide an easy way for the feat to be adjudicated, and TG could "hype" the tournament with news of a Perfect Pac battle.

    I couldn't locate any specific detailed account of the agreement on-line either in an interview or forum post. In conversations with Rick, have you learned the nitty-gritty details of the arrangement? - who proposed the agreement, when was it was proposed, who was privy to it (eg. just the players or was there a quasi "closing speech" by Walter where he mentioned that the battle for the Perfect Pac would resume next year), the obligations that Fothergill and Mitchell were bound to follow by submitting to the agreement, etc.
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    Synergy Magazine Volume 2: No.5 from 2009. Another "view" of what happened ...

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    Arcade Have a Go - at Twin Galaxies - on now!
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  3. 09-17-2020, 11:56 AM
    The Casey Ross audio clips were shared publicly on Streamable and linked to on page 51 in Twin Galaxies' Post Verdict Dispute Discussion thread by the user Maris Memes. It is post # 508.
    This occurred on August 26, 2020 at 2:41PM

    I captured the publicly accessible audio on August 28, 2020 and then posted the Streamable link to Facebook. Shortly thereafter, I discovered the link was no longer active so I uploaded the audio to Youtube. Miss Ross tried to have it removed by submitting a privacy complaint, but Youtube came back and said the video did NOT violate its policies. About a week and a half later, Youtube removed the video but offered no justification for doing so, except to say that one or more legal complaints had been filed against it.

    I then uploaded the video to Bitchute, where you can listen to it here:

    The following is a transcript of those audio clips.

    “There’s just certain things I can’t talk about because I am, I mean I’m, I’m very close with Billy, so he’ll tell me things cause he just needs to talk to somebody about it, and then like his son and I have gotten pretty close as well so, like I know things from Junior as far as like the legal proceedings, and this one was like, it was kind of so big they both like, called me excited – like we’ve got it, we’ve done it, like we’re OK! Um, and I think, if it, I mean if it doesn’t change people’s minds about Jace, I’m fuckin’ out, because like, the guy is a prick.” (0:00 - 0:33)

    “Twin Galaxies has no assets, they’re eight million dollars in debt over his Echo Fox debacle, so yeah, know he’s, he’s got no personal assets; that’s why he is so attached to having to win this, and he keeps saying like, oh, this is going to ruin Billy Mitchell, this is going to ruin Billy Mitchell, eventually he’ll run out of money for lawsuits. But, a key element that no one knows - DO NOT repeat this anywhere, to anyone that would ever post on Twin Galaxies - I need Twin Galaxies people to think that Billy Mitchell is spending money. But, Billy Mitchell’s lawyer has taken all of these lawsuits on Pro Bono for simply a percentage of his settlement earnings, because that is how confident the lawyer is that Billy will win this case, and so Billy can do as many goddamn lawsuits as he wants to, because Billy Mitchell hasn’t spent a cent yet, and Jace has spent everything that he has, and now he’s in debt, and like, Twin Galaxies is literally currently in debt. He has no money. That’s why he had to go with a divorce lawyer that shares an office space with him, and Billy has like an entertainment law firm of over a hundred lawyers. Like, it is NOT an even match. It’s um, uh, I was trying to think of a video game allegory. It is, um, it is Goku versus Krillin. That’s a, anime allegory, but still, ya know, it’s, it’s um, it’s not a fair fight right now.” (0:37-2:00)

    “He told somebody in confidence on his side that his plan is to simply financially exhaust Billy, like he’s, like eventually Billy will not be able to file lawsuits, right. He doesn’t know that Billy isn’t spending money, so his plan to financially exhaust Billy – not a very good plan.” (2:02-2:19)
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  4. 09-17-2020, 11:58 PM
    From the book Halos and Avatars: Playing video games with God, by Craig Detweiler, 2010. Another "view" of what happened. The last question from 10 years ago is also very interesting.

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    Arcade Have a Go - at Twin Galaxies - on now!
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