Flash cart question

  1. Flash cart question

    Today, 07:18 AM
    Hi everyone! First forum post here. I'm looking for some clarification on the validity of flash carts. I feel like it's difficult to get a straight answer so before I try to film some scores, I figured I'd ask here to see if they'd even get accepted. Seems like there's some discourse in scoring disputes and the rule book feels a little vague on this topic.

    I'm using a PC Everdrive. My PC Engine has not been modded, everything is original. If this is accepted, is there anything additional I need to submit with my score?

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  2. Today, 08:15 AM
    The PCE Everdrive is one(of the few)that I am personally unfamiliar with.
    I feel sure it's fine, tho-I assume you know the ins and outs of the cart and all, just make sure to show any cheat menus that may be present, even if just showing they are "off", if the carts firmware lets you show the region and header for the game(some do, some don't), then that's not a bad idea, either.
    Not sure if you are attempting NTSC or PAL, and not even sure there's a "difference" on PCE/TG16, but if so, make sure to be clear what region system you are using.

    Basically(and I DO understand new people with limited submission points being hesitant)-just video the entire process, do your best to be honest and "correct", and if there IS something "not right", people will let you know, a "rejected" sub is NBD, happens to everyone.
    You don't/won't "get in trouble" if there's an honest mistake or something, and the people here are slick enough to know the difference, I assure you.

    The recent discourse was basically established members repeating what they already knew to newer members who didn't want to seem to accept it, as measures do have to be taken in a place like this, to assure an even playing field.

    Well, Good Luck-I have a buddy I worked with a couple decades ago, pulled his old TG-16, the CD attachment, several games out of his shed(ugh), swears he's gonna get it to me one day, but it's been a lot of days already, lol, I've kinda stopped holding my breath over it!
    So they say
    Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh
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  3. Today, 08:41 AM
    I have used an Everdrive to submit PCE games played on a PCE no problem. I would not, however use an Everdrive to submit TG16 games played on a PCE, or vise versa.
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