M.A.M.E. - 10-Yard Fight [Japan] - Points - 123,750 - ILLSeaBass

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  1. M.A.M.E. - 10-Yard Fight [Japan] - Points - 123,750 - ILLSeaBass

    09-29-2019, 09:14 AM

    WolfMame version
    ROMSet: 0.106-0.108: yard - "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"
    0.109-0.170: 10yardj - "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"
    Allow Continue: Off
    Defensive Man Pause: Off
    Flip Screen: Off
    Cabinet: Upright
    Slow Motion: Off
    Stop Mode: Off
    Level Select: Off
    Invulnerability: Off
    Service Mode: Off
    Special Rules: Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message
    WolfMAME v209, default track settings.
    Played for MGLXLI. I've been 1 Touchdown away from a SuperBowl win numerous times, but didn't get that far is this play.
    Thanks for adjudicating!

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  2. 09-29-2019, 12:23 PM
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    The following tests and reports are neither exhaustive nor definitive,
    and should not be assumed as such in order to verify authenticity of a submission.

    Starting check.bat on Sun 09/29/2019 at 14:34:14.03

    Zip test
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 645480 bytes (631 KiB)
    Testing archive: C:\WolfMAME\209\inp\TG\isb_10yardj_123750_wm209.zip
    Path = C:\WolfMAME\209\inp\TG\isb_10yardj_123750_wm209.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 645480
    Everything is Ok
    Size:       652296
    Compressed: 645480
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    Zip list
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 645480 bytes (631 KiB)
    Listing archive: C:\WolfMAME\209\inp\TG\isb_10yardj_123750_wm209.zip
    Path = C:\WolfMAME\209\inp\TG\isb_10yardj_123750_wm209.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 645480
    Path = 10yardj.inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 652296
    Packed Size = 645324
    Modified = 2019-09-29 03:05:46
    Created = 2019-09-28 20:53:19
    Accessed = 2019-09-29 03:05:46
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = 6B391C8E
    Method = Deflate
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    MAME Major Version 209

    What MAME thinks:
    Input file: 10yardj.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Sun Sep 29 02:42:38 2019
    Recorded using 0.209W (wolf209)
    Total playback frames: 78710
    Average recorded speed: 99%
    Average speed: 136.92% (1395 seconds)
    Source driver:
    10yardj m58.cpp
    Generic Info for game:
    ROM set changed: yes
    0.106-0.108: yard - "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"
    0.108u5-0.209: 10yardj - "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"
    MAME History:
    - 0.108u5: Brian Troha added 10-Yard Fight (World). Renamed (yard) to (10yardj), (vsyard) to (vs10yard) and (vsyard2) to (vs10yarj).
    Resolution, 0.106-0.108: 256x240 @ 57.000000Hz
    Resolution, 0.109-0.122: 256x240 @ 57.000000Hz
    Resolution, 0.123-0.209: 256x224 @ 56.737589Hz
    TG Game Entry: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores....10-Yard+Fight+[Japan]
    Rules, Points: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=7672
    INP dump not relevant

    MAME Info
    10yardj is clone of: 10yard
    MAMEInfo.dat entries: 10yard and m58.cpp
    MAMEInfo.dat entries for:
    0.108u5 [Brian Troha]
    0.27 [Lee Taylor, John Clegg]
    Artwork available
    - Misplaced graphics. MASH (ID 06650)
    - Deep touchdown passes cause the text graphics to go haywire. erik_t (ID 03085)
    - [possible] Glitchy countdown display on initials registry. Tafoid (ID 00459)
    - 0.208: Removed MACHINE_CONFIG macros [Osso].
    - 0.207: Removed MCFG macros [Osso].
    - 0.189: VCK modernization and removed unnecessary subdevice resets (audio\irem.cpp and sound\msm5205.cpp) [AJR].
    - 0.186: Replaced generic latch with more accurate emulation. Fixed missing d7 on sound latch, device_reset to correctly clear sound latch and a potential situation where sound CPU/IRQ could be incorrectly cleared [Lord Nightmare].
    - 0.140u2: Take some driver_device classes of M58 driver (common code in audio\irem.c) that cover multiple drivers and split them so that each driver gets their own driver_device class. In most cases, these drivers got entangled because of audio/mcu code that was shared between multiple drivers [Atari Ace]. Added 'Irem Audio' sound.
    - 0.181: Robbbert fixed flipscreen/cocktail mode offset in 10-Yard Fight and clones.
    - 0.170: Small cleanup [hap].
    - 0.164: Do not use netlist for 10-Yard Fight sound. Converted Irem sound into a true device [Couriersud]. Removed 'Netlist Sound Device'.
    - 0.163: Added 'Netlist Sound Device' (48000 Hz).
    - 0.158: Osso fixed 10-Yard Fight save state problem, removed unneeded prefixes.
    - 0.137u3: Kevin Eshbach, Smitdogg and The Dumping Union added clone '10-Yard Fight '85 (US, Taito license)'. Ranger_Lennier, W. Belk, Smitdogg and The Dumping Union added clone 'Vs 10-Yard Fight (US, Taito license)'. Changed parent description to '10-Yard Fight (World, set 1)'.
    - 16th April 2010: Smitdogg - The regular / non VS. version arrived today. The prom which was mentioned before as different is also different in this one. I'm pretty sure LN was correct in his assumption that the proms in MAME were taken from a bootleg. The graphics again are a little screwy since this prom needs a different hookup but here is a pic.
    - 14th April 2010: Smitdogg - We got both versions of 10-Yard Fight '85 (1 player version and VS.). The VS. version just arrived and the 1 player version should arrive in a few days. These use a different prom than the sets in MAME so the graphics are a little screwy at the moment.
    - 10th April 2010: Smitdogg - Guru dumped what looks to be the original world release of 10-Yard Fight, where the version currently in MAME is Rev.B.
    - 0.135u1: Fabio Priuli added driver data struct and save state support to 10-Yard Fight.
    - 0.133u1: Improved Irem sound [Couriersud]: Revisited schematics. Found 10-Yard schematics as well. Corrected a bug, some discrete values and added two RC nodes from schematics. Renamed (vs10yarj) to (vs10yardj).
    - 27th December 2008: Mr. Do - Kiltron knocked a few bezels out this month including 10-Yard Fight, which were on loan from Gene at Vintage Arcade.
    - 16th November 2008: Guru - I recently picked up a pile of junk for spares and repairs from a local friend. It turned out there was quite a bit of interesting stuff in this lot. As far as I can make out, I got 10 Yard Fight (Irem).
    - 0.127u4: Aaron Giles fixed missing sound in 10-Yard Fight.
    - 0.125u3: Aaron Giles fixed conditional coinage dip not visible/working for coin mode 1.
    - 0.123u2: Fixed dipswitches (especially coinage) and inputs for '10yard' (and its clones). Added iremipt.h source file (same purpose as taitoipt.h) [Stephane Humbert]. Added 'Coinage' dipswitch.
    - 0.123: Aaron Giles fixed missing sound in 10-Yard Fight.
    - 0.122u8: Aaron Giles updated 10-Yard to use resnet for colors. Proper video timing. RansAckeR improved dipswitches according to manuals in 10-Yard Fight. Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 3072000 Hz, visible area to 256x224 and VSync to 56.737589 Hz.
    - 0.122u7: Changed M6803 CPU2 clock speed to 3579545 Hz.
    - 0.108u5: Brian Troha added 10-Yard Fight (World). Renamed (yard) to (10yardj), (vsyard) to (vs10yard) and (vsyard2) to (vs10yarj).
    - 0.99u10: Curt Coder added conditional dipswitches to 10-Yard Fight driver. Added 'Coin A' and 'Coin B' dipswitches.
    - 0.93u1: 10 Yard Fight driver update [Curt Coder]: Converted to use tilemaps. Cleaned up driver. Conditional coinage doesn't work due to PORT_DIPCONDITION limitations. Fixed rom names slightly. Changed names to match title screen and flyer. Added dipswitches 'Allow Continue', 'Defensive Man Pause', 'Coinage' and 'Level Select'. Changed description to '10-Yard Fight (Japan)' and clone (Vs. version World, 11/05/84) to 'Vs 10-Yard Fight (World, 11/05/84)' and (Vs. version Japan, set 2) to 'Vs 10-Yard Fight (Japan)'.
    - 0.67: Changed description to '10 Yard Fight (Japan)' and clones (Vs. version 11/05/84) to '10 Yard Fight (Vs. version World, 11/05/84)' and (Vs. version, set 2) to '10 Yard Fight (Vs. version Japan, set 2)'.
    - 0.37b6: Changed M6803 CPU2 and 2x AY-8910 clock speeds to 894886 Hz.
    - 0.35b11: Changed M6803 CPU2 clock speed to 1.5MHz.
    - 0.35b10: Changed M6803 CPU2 clock speed to 6MHz.
    - 0.35b3: Zsolt Vasvari added clone 10 Yard Fight (Vs. version 11/05/84). Changed description of clone (Vs. version) to '10 Yard Fight (Vs. version, set 2)'. Renamed (vsyard) to (vsyard2).
    - 0.34b2: Fixed proms loading.
    - 0.34b1: Added color proms ($0, 100, 200, 220, 320, 420 - chars low/high 4 bits, sprites palette, sprites lookup table, radar palette low and high 4 bits).
    - 0.30: Mirko Buffoni added clone 10 Yard Fight (Vs. version). Vs. mode runs only in cocktail mode (second player controls inverted). That's probably how the game is designed. Known issues: Vs. mode runs only in cocktail mode (second player controls inverted). That's probably how the game is designed.
    - 0.29: Some fixes to 10 Yard Fight [John Butler]. Improved sound in 10 Yard Fight [Aaron Giles]. Accurate colors in 10 Yard Fight [Tim Lindquist, Nicola Salmoria].
    - 0.27: Lee Taylor and John Clegg added '10 Yard Fight' (Irem 1983). Control: Arrows = Move around, CTRL = Throw and F2 = Pass. Know problems: Sprites are not 100% perfect. Colours are all wrong (currently using Kung-FU-Master prom). No Sound, We need a 6803 emulator in MAME to do the sound. Best guess at format of bitmapped right hand side pannel.
    - 17th March 1997: Dumped 10-Yard Fight (Japan).
    LEVELS: 4
    Recommended Games (Football):
    Atari Football
    10-Yard Fight
    Goal To Go
    NFL Football
    Scrum Try (DECO Cassette)
    Gridiron Fight
    Street Football
    Great Football (Mega-Tech)
    John Elway's Team Quarterback
    All American Football
    Tecmo Bowl
    Tecmo Bowl (PlayChoice-10)
    TouchDown Fever
    NFL (ver 109)
    High Impact Football
    Super High Impact
    Pigskin 621AD
    Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football (Mega-Tech)
    Football Frenzy
    Hard Yardage
    Two Minute Drill
    Beat the Champ
    Rushing Heroes
    NFL Blitz
    NFL Blitz '99
    NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition
    NBA Showtime / NFL Blitz 2000
    NBA Showtime Gold / NFL Blitz 2000
    NFL Classic Football
    Dirty Pigskin Football
    Field Goal
    Romset: 129.3 kb / 22 files / 60.2 zip
    0.27 [Lee Taylor, John Clegg]
    - Driver based on the Kung Fu Master driver.
    - All games: There's an odd problem with the bonus game as shown in the following snapshots. In the first shot, count the number of offensive players. There are only 6 including the quarterback. The next shot shows 2 more players, that only become visible when the defensive players run into them. MAME 0.65 Update: When any of the players are running diagonally, a football will appear to be in their hand for one frame of animation. In the following shot, you can see five players in addition to the ball handler with footballs. Frotz (ID 00262)
    - 0.140u2: Removed includes\iremz80.h. Added includes\m58.h and audio\irem.h.
    - 0.135u1: Added includes\iremz80.h. Removed includes\m58.h.
    - 0.123u2: Added includes\iremipt.h.
    - 0.122u8: Changed yard.c to m58.c driver. Added includes\m58.h.
    - 0.35b12: Added sndhrdw\irem.h.
    - 0.34RC1: Added sndhrdw\irem.c.
    - 0.27: Added yard.c driver and vidhrdw\yard.c.
    Name:  dips.PNG
Views: 65
Size:  86.6 KBName:  game over.PNG
Views: 82
Size:  51.3 KB

    NOTE - "Allow Continue" and "Defensive Man Pause" DIPs were renamed to "Unused". "Time Reduced by Ball Dead" is not listed in the rules (but should be), and is correctly set to its default value of "Normal". All DIPs are set correctly.
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