Hyrule Warriors Legends - Old 3DS vs New 3DS

  1. 10-20-2019, 08:43 AM

    So this is what I have found/seen. Matthew has posted some new scores that I was waiting for him to do so and it confirms what I was thinking. Here is what I have found. Out of 128 missions, the New 3DS is at a disadvantage in every missions that deals with "Capturing keeps to advance", "All attacks are devastating" and, finally confirmed, all the "Quiz" missions. I am not sure if this will also include "Defeat all enemy missions".

    We have already discussed the "KEEP" missions. The Old 3DS spawns enemies faster than the New 3DS. I just went and tried to compete against Matthews newly posted time here.


    I'll compare my attempts to his 1:10. Doing everything he did as he did it, and having a perfect instant spawn kill on the 2nd and 3rd battles, the fastest I can get is 1:11. What I noticed in my attempts vs his are pretty crazy. First thing I noticed was that Matthew's Magic Meter was already starting to drain before he even entered the 3rd fight. My magic meter doesn't even go away until I've already killed the 3rd fighter. Did not expect that. Also, Matthew did NOT have a clean 3rd fight and he was still able to beat my time. I believe he can easily get a 1:09, possibly a 1:08 on a perfect run but obviously I can't test that out.

    I think the Old 3DS processes the dialogue boxes slightly faster than the New 3DS. There is nothing else in the runs that could explain how his time is just slightly faster, even with a fight mistake, other than the dialogue boxes disappear quick enough that it gives the Old 3DS the advantage.

    So essentially what I'm finding is, the Old 3DS does the simple things faster, and the New 3DS does the longer missions faster. I'll have to wait and see if he can beat any of my non "Quiz" or "Keep" fights to confirm that. I'm just now redoing my "Defeat the boss missions", I think the New 3DS will have the advantage there since the bosses are much larger but we will see. It won't take Matthew long to prove me right or wrong there since the missions are incredibly short.

    Not including any Quiz missions which I now know are in favor of the Old 3DS(and possibly Defeat all the Enemies and Defeat all the bosses missions) the Old 3DS has the outright advantage on 42 out of 128 missions on the Adventure Map.

    At least I know where not to waste my time until I get an Old 3DS I guess. Matthew, if you could at least attempt the Mission A3 (2 Imprisoned) to either match, beat, or not compete on my time so we can confirm these findings that would be great. Thanks.
  2. 10-20-2019, 11:51 AM
    A3 - I can't get the second Imprisoned boss to react the way it did in Kyle's :27 run, otherwise, I'd be able to tie the :27
    A4 - I got 1:10 with all 3 perfect fights, so a faster time doesn't seem possible
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  3. 10-20-2019, 12:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by starcrytas View Post
    A3 - I can't get the second Imprisoned boss to react the way it did in Kyle's :27 run, otherwise, I'd be able to tie the :27
    A4 - I got 1:10 with all 3 perfect fights, so a faster time doesn't seem possible
    That's what I thought for the A3 run. I've got a few of the "Defeat Bosses" one posted if you wanted to try a few of those to confirm that. Your A4 surprises me. The run you have posted you lost at least second on that last Poe, but I could be wrong. So as of right now, it appears you are wasting your time even attempting missions that don't require "capturing" a keep, missions that are longer, and Defeat the boss missions (maybe, you will need to do one more for me to confirm that is solid). I'm not even going to attempt anymore Quiz missions and missions where capturing a keep is necessary.

    Looks like we may have our bench mark for what systems have the advantage and on what types of missions. If you could test one more "Defeat the Bosses" missions to confirm that you can't compete/or can, and test out a "Defeat all Enemies" missions to see if you can beat/tie/no chance at it I think we got this whole situation nailed down.

    For those of you who care.

    Old 3DS advantage - "Quiz" missions, missions that require capturing keeps to advance, "All attacks are devastating" missions.
    New 3DS advantage - Longer missions that require defeating certain enemies, "Defeat the Bosses" missions UPDATE: Defeat the bosses is not an advantage to either system.

    Checking - "Defeat the Bosses" (so far New 3DS advantage), "Defeat all Enemies" missions not tested yet. UPDATE: There is NO advantage for either system when it comes to "Defeat the Bosses" or "Defeat the Enemies".
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  4. 10-20-2019, 01:47 PM
    Matthew, so I was able to replicate your results for the A4 Boss mission. I too could not get the second Imprisoned to act as mine did in the submitted run. Just because I'm a butt hole, I'm not going to tell you how you can tie it, haha. I guarantee though once you figure out what to do, you will tie my :27 seconds. So I don't think there is any advantage for Old or New 3DS systems when it comes to "Defeat All Bosses" and "Defeat all Enemies".
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  5. 10-24-2019, 12:08 AM
    This whole thing just gets dumber. So far, the Old 3DS should have the advantage on these missions.
    A4-11, A14-16, B2,4,12,14,15.

    A4,A6, and B15 are quiz missions. All others are missions require capturing keeps or spawn enemies which I believe favor the old 3ds...except A10. A10 has it's own special little trick up it's sleeve. Remember how I was saying that with the quiz missions the Old 3DS does the easy things a little bit better, mainly dialog boxes seem to process just a bit faster(I think)? Well apparently the New 3DS does the same for the "big/longer" missions like A10, it processes the game a bit faster and it's actually adding a dialog box that can be avoided while using the old 3DS. Basically, I am forced to wait for this dialog box to run it's course unless I purposely kill the 4th bombchu altering the order of the dialogue boxes...AKA, the Old 3DS does not require the killing of the 4th bombchu. Yep, that is actually a thing.

    Kind of crazy if you ask me. I'll have to wait for Matthew to post some scores to compare again or have him say he can't compete on certain levels so we know.
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  6. 10-24-2019, 08:11 AM
    All this discussion is just on the Adventure Map.
    Imagine the other maps!!!

    Anyways, I might have to test more, but A1 and A2 I can't seem to get because of the text boxes and when magic starts to drain and restoring magic costs time.
    I need to check other levels on other rows.
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  7. 10-24-2019, 09:14 AM
    No kidding. These are the levels I don't think the Old 3DS can compete on unless a scenario like A10 occurs.
    A1,2,3,12,13, B1,3,5-11,13,16

    Oddly enough, just through rows A and B, it's exactly even at 16 in favor the Old 3DS, and 16 in favor of the New 3DS.

    At this point I am just not going to even waste my time on Quiz missions or Capture keep missions. I'll keep up this little research project through the Adventure Map just to be sure what I'm seeing is the way it is, but at this point it's basically confirmed.
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  8. 10-27-2019, 07:46 PM
    I don't think I can match the 6:22 on Rewards Map - Live Out the Illustration "A Prayer Received"! due to how many text boxes that need to be loaded and the overall length of the mission.

    Best I managed was around 7:15.
    I'll do more testing to further confirm.
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  9. 10-27-2019, 08:02 PM
    I think I completed one mission that required capturing keeps, but there are so many text boxes that by the time they finished, I was able to do everything so that may not make a difference in that mission. I believe there are 2 missions I can't compete at on the rewards map, "The Giants Gather" and "Rulers of Twilight". I think the New 3DS will have the advantage on all others except possibly the boss rush mission. I moved over to the rewards maps because it's only 13 missions and much easier to test this stuff out.

    Has a good mix of things. Straight rush and kill. Capture a few keeps and then kill. All keeps. All bosses. I isolate the "Rewards" map by using the search function while in the Hyrule Warriors game menu. Helps a **** ton searching. Not sure if you knew that already, but it definitely makes it easier searching. Keep me posted. I haven't checked to see if you posted any new times on the Adventure Map A-B missions. If you did I'll post back with the findings.
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