Arcade - Tekken 2 - Fastest Completion [Tournament Settings] - 02:27.36 - Pete Hahn

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  1. Arcade - Tekken 2 - Fastest Completion [Tournament Settings] - 02:27.36 - Pete Hahn

    10-03-2019, 06:53 PM


    Additional Video Evidence:
    Fastest Completion [Tournament Settings]
    Score Track
    Difficulty Level: Ultra Hard
    Fight Count <1P Game>: 2
    Fight Count <VS Game>: 2
    Life Bar <1P Game>: 110
    Life Bar <VS Game>: 125
    Guard Damage: OFF
    Basic Guard: ON
    Round Time: 40sec
    Character Change at Continue: Yes
    Character Change at 2P Game: Yes
    New Character: Baek & Lei or Jun & Lei
    2P Game Wins Shown By: Number
    Music In Attract Mode: Optional
    Speaker Out: Optional
    Event Mode: Off
    Hit Color: Optional
    Special Rules: You may freely choose any available characters, including Secret/Unlocked ones. You MUST Complete the entire game WITHOUT Continues for your final Game Completion time to qualify.
    Submission Message
    Been messing around with time attacking some of my old arcade favorites, this one was pretty good but could still be improved upon. First video is direct feed of only my submitted run, the second video is from a poorly positioned camera that shows the PCB, supergun, and TV I played this on. Submitted run beings at approx 14:50 of non-direct feed video, game beaten at approx 19:05 in this video.
    Final score / Initials entered:


    Thanks for taking a look and please let me know if you have any questions on my supergun setup, or anything else!

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  2. 10-11-2019, 09:25 AM
    Han if you please, can you show a closer look at the TEKKEN 2 CPU board, it was too quick. Han you own the own the arcade game, this should be no problem, it will take less than a minute. before I Vote yes accepted
    I am sure it is a TEKKEN 2 board but other TG members that never played the game will not know.
    Thank You A New WR time

    Game starts at 6:12 left on the top video Name:  image.png
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Size:  688.2 KB
    Game settings begin at :07 left on the top video Name:  image.png
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Size:  488.7 KB
    Arcade - Tekken 2 - Fastest Completion [Tournament Settings] - 02:27.36 Final score is at 2:01 left on the top video
    Hardware CPU, Dip switch game settings begin at 25:55 left on the bottom video  Name:  image.png
Views: 66
Size:  575.0 KB
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  3. 10-15-2019, 08:16 AM
    Bumping to see if anyone else would like to see the board longer or in more detail. All track settings are set from the service menu so I felt the board didn't need to be focused on as much, but enough to show it is a genuine Namco PBC.

    I can hook it back up to the supergun if necessary to receive more positive votes.
  4. 10-22-2019, 08:38 AM
    additional video added, hopefully this clears up any questions and gets a few more votes :)
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