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  1. Area 88/ U.N Squadron

    10-14-2019, 03:00 AM
    Hey all,

    Any Area 88/U.N Squadron players here?

    Wondering if anyone knows what the deal is with this score for U.N Squadron on arcade:

    Name:  TGArcade.png
Views: 969
Size:  44.9 KB

    Now according to Gamest/Arcadia this game has an infinite:

    Name:  gamest.JPG
Views: 944
Size:  26.2 KB

    Here are the top MAME Scores here:

    Name:  TGMAME.png
Views: 951
Size:  74.6 KB

    Here are the best scores from the SHMUPs forums and notice that the really high ones were all done with auto fire which is not allowed here on the arcade track:

    Name:  SHMUPS.png
Views: 919
Size:  279.9 KB

    Here are the best scores from MARP:
    Name:  marpunsq.png
Views: 974
Size:  264.2 KB

    Name:  marp88.png
Views: 999
Size:  299.6 KB

    That Dwayne Richard 1,960,400 from 1992 seems like a pretty distant outlier compared to everything else - especially when comparing to scores done without autofire which makes this particular game significantly less challenging.

    Anyone know how this was done or if it's possible under today's rule set?
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