Sega Master System - Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin - PAL - Points

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  1. Sega Master System - Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin - PAL - Points

    10-22-2019, 11:59 PM

    Sega Master System

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    Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin


    PAL - Points

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    - On the Warehouse Level (Level 2) on Difficult or Nightmare mode the player can kick all the lights off and the level will turn dark and purple.

    - The game allows the player to use ''PAUSE/OPTIONS'' to access sound settings, check your progress, to select camera, skip story screens and escape to rest and heal at Peter's house.

    - Taking photos of the enemies with the camera (to get money for webs) and returning to Peter's house to heal are useful and essential parts of the gameplay.

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    PAL - Points

    Player may choose any difficulty setting (Easy, Difficult or Nightmare), sound effect and music. Player is allowed to play the ''Pac-Man'' minigame that is accessible on Nightmare mode to gather extra time. Player is also allowed to acquire the symbiote suit that is only available on Nightmare mode (the suit is only a skin, gameplay isn't affected in any way). Using ''PAUSE/OPTIONS'' excessively to help to hit/damage the enemies is prohibited. The use of ''PAUSE/OPTIONS'' to return to Peter's house to heal is allowed (player gives up time by doing so and risks ending the game). The use of glitches is prohibited. Player MUST show the game summary screen that has the final score or the run is disqualified. Completing the game is not required.

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