Atari 5200 - Centipede - Points - 23,419 - Roger 111

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  1. Atari 5200 - Centipede - Points - 23,419 - Roger 111

    11-11-2019, 01:15 PM

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    Players must use the game's default settings upon boot-up (1 Player, Standard Play).
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    Funny, got it in my head to play this because we are playing the 2600 version in the AA HSC, literally plugged the cart in once and mashed my own PB(already subbed), so I'd been meaning to get on the 5200 a while anyway, and here we go, almost three days later, I have the score I was after, lol...jeez.
    Tough version, but fun, the spider really is just a tick too fast, otherwise, it's great!
    Wasn't actually chasing a particular score/position-I played this quite a bit during my last 5200 run, and 20k was simply the goal, with the stick. top 5 was/is a nice surprise, I'll take it!
    Doesn't seem like I'd do better with a trackball, personally, but @Snowflake says the control is a bit tighter, so I dunno-a 5200 trackball actually isn't much "on my list", just something I'll pick up one day.

    Thanks Everyone!!!

  2. 11-13-2019, 06:51 PM
    Looks like you managed pretty well with the non-centering joystick. I myself have a hard time with *any* joystick on all versions of Centipede/Millipede, so I can only imagine the challenge if I tried this with a 5200 stick LOL! Accepted!
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