Xbox 360 - Halo: Reach - Score Attack - Glacier - 9,409 - Shane Palmer

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  1. Xbox 360 - Halo: Reach - Score Attack - Glacier - 9,409 - Shane Palmer

    07-10-2019, 07:45 AM
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    Score Attack - Glacier
    Score Track
    1 Player
    Select Main Menu from the title screen
    Firefight Mode
    Game Type: Score Attack
    Difficulty: Legendary
    Prior to Attempt, please show the following in Game Options
    Firefight Settings:
    Wave Properties: Skulls Catch, Tough Luck, and Cloud ON. All others OFF
    Inital Wave: Dropship disabled, Squad Selection Ordered, All Squads as Grunts
    Main Wave: Dropship disabled, Squad Selection Ordered, Squads ordered as Jackals, Brutes, Skirmishers, Hunters, and Elites
    Boss Wave: Dropship enabled, Squad Selection Ordered, all squads Elite Generals
    Wave Limit: One Round
    Turn Count: No Turns
    Time Limit: 12 Minutes
    Spartan Settings
    Respawn Time: 10 Seconds
    Starting Lives: 10
    Max Extra Lives: 20
    Elite Kill Bonus: One Life
    Base Traits
    Shields & Health: Damage Resistance, Shield Multiplier, and Recharge Rate: Normal
    Health Recharge Rate: Unchanged
    Immunities to headshots and assassintations: Disabled
    Weapons & Damage
    Damage and Melee Modifiers: 100%
    Primary Weapon: Map Default
    Secondary Weapon: None
    Starting Equipment, Grenade Count, and Equipment Use: Unchanged
    Infiniate Ammo: Disabled
    Weapon Pickup: Enabled
    Player Speed, Jump Height, and Gravity: 100%
    Vehicle Use: Full Use
    Motion Tracker Mode: Normal
    Motion Tracker Range: 25 Meters
    Appearance and Loadouts are player's choice
    Must choose to play as Spartans (name highlighted in red)
    Final Score is as listed as the Total Score in the Carnage Report after Game Over. Please leave this screen up for a few moments to clearly display your final score.
    Submission Message
    Just one run, ends 14:51 and score shown 15:08

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  2. 07-10-2019, 09:42 AM
    Photo of set up
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  3. 07-11-2019, 01:08 PM
    VOTING YES. Great job! Accepted.
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  4. 12-07-2019, 03:51 PM
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