Post Verdict Dispute Discussion:Dispute: Angela Stefanski - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - The Legend of Zelda - NTSC - Fastest Completion [1st Quest] - Player: Rodrigo Lopes - Score: 31:37.0

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    For what it's worth, Jace, while I do continue to feel how I feel about TG administration, I do appreciate your willingness to engage with me here and to answer these questions despite my stance.
    No problem answering questions. As you know I prefer being asked questions directly as opposed to people making incorrect assumptions that may create mistrust or confusion. I have nothing to hide. Ask away!

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    Why did you seek to buy Twin Galaxies?
    I believe that the activity and lifestyle surrounding video games and its culture is valid and worthwhile to aspire toward in society.

    Most expression of any social validity is primarily done through people, their stories, and their values. Twin Galaxies, in its own way, has historically attempted to earmark video game achievement by recognizing and preserving the achievement of people within the activity, which produces various kinds/levels of value for them. In essence, for decades Twin Galaxies has represented a particular way for the value of the activity of playing video games to be socially expressed and understood by both participants and non-participants.

    I have been involved with video games and culture since 1978. I have made it my life. I've been aware of Twin Galaxies since the 80's. You can see some (but not all) about me in the gaming space here:

    When I engaged with Twin Galaxies toward the end of 2013 into early 2014, and found it to be on death's door, along with the current owner having a strong desire to eliminate it from their life and offering it to me, I made the decision to acquire it.

    In my view, Twin Galaxies was too important and valuable to be abandoned. It was my opinion that Twin Galaxies was never given its full opportunity to become all that it could be, and has never had a chance to ultimately live up to its full potential.

    I knew it would take a very long time, and be met with challenges, but I believed (and still believe) I could help Twin Galaxies get closer to fulfilling its potential over time.

    So I have been slowly working on it, step-by-step. It is a very unique way that I believe I might help preserve something special and perhaps give something, that was almost lost, back to the video game industry and culture, which has already given me so much.

    There is a lot of unrealized potential in Twin Galaxies.

    Quote Originally Posted by ersatz_cats View Post
    Had you made any previous attempts to acquire Twin Galaxies before you succeeded?
    No. I did not know that Twin Galaxies was actually available for acquisition until Jourdan Adler offered it to me. Prior to that my only engagement was focused on attempting to get a brand license from the owner so I could do a "Twin Galaxies World Record" live stream type show for a Twitch channel I had called 1337LoungeLive.

    Quote Originally Posted by ersatz_cats View Post
    What do your titles "Head Custodian" and "Caretaker" mean to you?
    While Twin Galaxies International, LLC is a business, and as such I am the CEO, for me, that title carries far too much ego-centric flare, which I think may send the wrong message regarding my personal intention with Twin Galaxies, so I only use it when absolutely necessary for business purposes.

    I came up with "Head Custodian" and "Caretaker" to be more reflective of what I regard my function and responsibility to be - someone who is just trying to "take care of Twin Galaxies for a while" - as Twin Galaxies is more important than any one person, myself especially.

    Twin Galaxies should be there for people who participate in the activity of playing video games to have something that endeavors to recognize their accomplishments, keep physical record of them, and provide a platform for others to be able to see/understand and discuss the value of them. Twin Galaxies can actually offer more than this, and eventually will, but I want to keep my answer down to the basic function.

    In any case, Twin Galaxies should definitely not be about any one person, especially me.

    In my opinion, one of the big problems that TG has had in the past was that it was forced to serve and promote the egos and desires of a very select few, at the huge expense of the opportunity and recognition of others. This went on for years, either by design or failed good intentions and ultimately damaged the true promise and mission of what the brand actually aspires toward.

    I chose "Head Custodian" and "Caretaker" specifically because I do not want Twin Galaxies to be about me. It's not here to promote me. I don't have any need or desire for personal promotion as it relates to Twin Galaxies. I am quite different from previous owners/administrations and I tried to choose a title that would help express that.

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    What were some of your thoughts that went into TGSAP and the dispute system?
    Some of my thoughts were to hopefully create systems that could achieve reasonable accuracy, transparency, public availability, and scalability, while simultaneously putting an emphasis on reducing anonymous participation and encouraging individual personal accountability for actions and choices within those systems.

    Obviously, not a very easy thing to do - but I believed the goal was worth pursuing to whatever level could be achieved (still do.) It will always be a constant work in motion, trying to adapt to extremely dynamic circumstances.

    -TGSAP brings things into the database, but is not perfect and can have errors.
    -The Dispute system removes things from the database and is essentially an active garbage collection function, not only catching TGSAP errors, but also legacy scoreboard errors as well.

    Over time, the thought is that both systems working together should increase the database integrity, and essentially never stop doing so.

    Obviously, nothing is perfect and it will need to continue to be refined.

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    Why was video proof added as a universal requisite for TGSAP scores, rather than allowing the community to decide its own evidence standards?
    Direct upload to TG video proof was added as a universal requisite for TGSAP after more than a year of experimentation was done to see if allowing a wider evidentiary standard would be acceptable and functionally useful for TG record keeping purposes. The wider evidentiary standard led to submitter confusion and greater subjectivity variance among the participating adjudicators, increasing the difficulty of the adjudication process itself.

    Based on feedback and observation of the results, we determined that making video a requirement would be more efficient and less confusing method for users participating in TGSAP.

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    What was the thought process behind the decision to uphold the entirety of the legacy scoreboard (pending the creation of the dispute system), rather than options like grandfathering the legacy scoreboard or simply starting anew?
    The "New TG" grandfathering the entirety of the "old TG" legacy scoreboard is tantamount to the "New TG" making a blanket statement that can be perceived as permanently degrading or minimizing the achievements of many people across decades. Those people do not deserve that. Presumably, those people submitted their scores to Twin Galaxies with trust and in good faith to be recognized for their achievement at that time, for all time, and to hold their leaderboard position until beaten fair and square.

    It is my opinion that it is precisely this type of implied "permanence" that partially distinguishes Twin Galaxies from may other places - and New TG must value that. It is also my opinion that it may be partially why submitting to TG can be perceived as more "prestigious" - because people really are competing with each other across eras/generations. It also may add to the fun.

    With all that being said, certainly, the legacy scoreboard likely contains some problematic scores. No question. I have no doubt of this and unfortunately it's not unusual for this type of thing to be the case as there are many situations analogous to this across all kinds of sports (statistics) that have very long histories like TG. Things like: Changing standards/rules for different eras, post-record discoveries of people circumventing rules/tests, manipulations, and etc. The fact is stuff like this happens and TG's database has not been, and is not, immune to this reality.

    As mentioned above, Twin Galaxies has put in place an active system that is designed to slowly but surely find and eliminate as many problematic scores as it needs to wherever they are found - while preserving as much of history as possible. It has slowly been making proven, step-by-step, successful progress to improve database integrity.It's going to take time, pressure and patience. It will eventually get there. We are going to give the process a lot of time to work. If it ultimately doesn't, TG will look at other potentially viable methods of finding and addressing invalid data at that time. The bottom line is there is no quick-and-easy solution for an issue as complex as this one....And ultimately, the "method of adjudication" is always listed with all TG entries, so the viewer can always make a personal decision as to how seriously they want to regard the data entry.

    Interestingly, the act of removing problematic scores can sometimes produce a wealth of video game history and information, so that act of removal can bring real value as well, and enrich the tapestry of the collective video game knowledge that is Twin Galaxies.

    Quote Originally Posted by ersatz_cats View Post
    Was there any part of the TG purchase agreement that required maintaining the legacy scoreboard?
    No. I would have never knowingly agreed to something like that.
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