PC - The Pinball Arcade - [Medieval Madness] - Points - 629,993,600 - Michael Sroka

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  1. PC - The Pinball Arcade - [Medieval Madness] - Points - 629,993,600 - Michael Sroka

    12-09-2019, 06:41 PM
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    [Medieval Madness] - Points
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    starts at 31:42

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  2. 12-13-2019, 12:43 PM
    Ha! You did it again! May the King Of Kong battle commence once more! Who shall be the castle crusher! The damsel dude, the troll master, the joust master!

    Last game it was exhausting enough as it is, but I haven't played the game since I last got the record. I honestly wonder if I even want to play the game for that long to rebreak this record. I need to focus on getting another job.

  3. 01-11-2020, 08:51 AM
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    starts at 31:42
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