M.A.M.E. - Moon Patrol (Williams) - Points - 498,050 - Jason Vasiloff

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Moon Patrol (Williams) - Points - 498,050 - Jason Vasiloff

    01-13-2020, 02:14 PM
    Vzaar Video Url:

    WolfMame version
    Score Track
    ROMSet: MPatrolW
    Lives: 5
    Bonus Life: 10000
    Flip screen: Off
    Cabinet: Upright
    Unknown: Off
    Stop Mode [Cheat]: Off
    Sector Selction [Cheat]: Off
    Invulnerability [Cheat]: Off
    Service Mode: Off
    Special Rules: Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message
    Played for MGL 42.

    A big PB for me, but like with all new Moon Patrol PBs, I can't help but feel this one should have been a decent amount higher, certainly 500k at least. Super fun game though, so trying again at some point would not be a chore.

    Thanks for reviewing.

    Attached Files Attached Files
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  2. 01-13-2020, 02:20 PM
    Fantastic score, accepted
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  3. 01-13-2020, 02:32 PM
    *** DISCLAIMER ***
    The following tests and reports are neither exhaustive nor definitive,
    and should not be assumed as such in order to verify authenticity of a submission.

    Starting check.bat on Mon 01/13/2020 at 17:25:20.78

    Zip test
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 1515640 bytes (1481 KiB)
    Testing archive: C:\WolfMAME\199\inp\TG\JRV-mpatrolw-498050.zip
    Path = C:\WolfMAME\199\inp\TG\JRV-mpatrolw-498050.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 1515640
    Everything is Ok
    Size:       1538536
    Compressed: 1515640
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:

    Zip list
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 1515640 bytes (1481 KiB)
    Listing archive: C:\WolfMAME\199\inp\TG\JRV-mpatrolw-498050.zip
    Path = C:\WolfMAME\199\inp\TG\JRV-mpatrolw-498050.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 1515640
    Path = JRV-mpatrolw-498050.inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 1538536
    Packed Size = 1515460
    Modified = 2019-12-13 23:10:51
    Created = 2020-01-13 17:10:18
    Accessed = 2020-01-13 17:10:18
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = DA4640D8
    Method = Deflate
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    MAME Major Version 199

    What MAME thinks:
    Input file: mpatrolw.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Fri Dec 13 22:16:43 2019
    Recorded using 0.199W (wolf199)
    Total playback frames: 184244
    Average recorded speed: 100%
    Average speed: 1627.05% (3250 seconds)
    Source driver:
    mpatrolw m52.cpp
    Generic Info for game:
    ROM set changed: no
    0.31-0.217: mpatrolw - "Moon Patrol (Williams)"
    Resolution, 0.106-0.122: 240x248 @ 57.000000Hz
    Resolution, 0.123-0.217: 240x252 @ 56.737589Hz
    TG Game Entry: https://www.twingalaxies.com/moon-patrol/mame/
    Rules, Points: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=5215
    Rules, No Shoot, Jump Only Points: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=212617
    INP dump not relevant

    MAME Info
    mpatrolw is clone of: mpatrol
    MAMEInfo.dat entries: mpatrol and m52.cpp
    MAMEInfo.dat entries for:
    0.31 [Gary Walton]
    0.11 [Nicola Salmoria, Chris Hardy]
    Artwork available
    - Press F2 + F3 for Test-Mode (press and release, then be patient. After the RAM/ROM tests, press 2 for an additional menu of options, then left/right to choose the option, and 1 to select it).
    - 0.189: VCK modernization and removed unnecessary subdevice resets (audio\irem.cpp and sound\msm5205.cpp) [AJR].
    - 0.186: Replaced generic latch with more accurate emulation. Fixed missing d7 on sound latch, device_reset to correctly clear sound latch and a potential situation where sound CPU/IRQ could be incorrectly cleared [Lord Nightmare].
    - 0.164: Converted Irem sound into a true device [Couriersud].
    - 0.148: Robbbert fixed cocktail mode in Moon Patrol.
    - 0.147u2: hap re-added clone Moon Ranger (bootleg of Moon Patrol), it was deemed insignificant and removed in 0.37b13.
    - 0.140u2: Take some driver_device classes of M52 driver (common code in audio\irem.c) that cover multiple drivers and split them so that each driver gets their own driver_device class. In most cases, these drivers got entangled because of audio/mcu code that was shared between multiple drivers [Atari Ace]. Added 'Irem Audio' sound.
    - 0.135u1: Fabio Priuli added driver data struct and save state support to M52 driver.
    - 0.133u1: Improved Irem sound [Couriersud]: Better Moon Patrol sound. Revisited schematics. Corrected a bug, some discrete values and added two RC nodes from schematics.
    - 29th October 2008: Mr. Do - Looks like Ad_Enuff's getting back into gear again (woohoo!). He's cleaned up three more artworks for us this time around: Another 80's Williams classic, in the form of Moon Patrol. This was borrowed from Vintage Arcade.
    - 0.126u5: Fabio Priuli changed a lot of input related things in IREM M10->M107 boards. First of all, moved input definitions from drivers\m92.h to include\iremipt.h and removed completely drivers\m92.h (which only contained those definitions). Added more common inputs to iremipt.h and started to use that file in m62->m107 instead of local #defines. Finally, added DIP locations to all the games in m62->m107 which were missing and it implemented coinage mode 2 through dipconditions in the drivers which didn't support it.
    - 0.125u3: Added 'Coinage' dipswitch.
    - 0.124u5: Added discrete mixing and filtering to IREM games using M52-sound-c boards: Moon Patrol and Traverse USA. Added DISCRETE_KEY_SALLEN_FILTER to discrete sound system [Couriersud]. Replaced 2nd MSM5205 sound with Discrete.
    - 0.123u2: Fixed misaligned backgrounds in Moon Patrol caused by recent changes [Zsolt Vasvari]. Fixed dipswitches (especially coinage) and inputs for Moon Patrol and Tropical Angel (and their clones). Tried to "unified" the drivers M52 and M57 (i still think that some things can be merged). Added also iremipt.h source file (same purpose as taitoipt.h) [Stephane Humbert].
    - 0.122u8: Updated Moon Patrol to use resnet for colors. Various Irem driver updates: Properly tagged M52 and M62 sound boards, plus variants. Updated all connected drivers. Merged memory maps. Moved definitions to header files [Aaron Giles]. Fixed cpu2 rom address to $7000. Changed palettesize to 588 colors.
    - 0.122u7: Moon Patrol driver cleanup [Aaron Giles]: Merged memory maps. Complete memory map. Correct video timing. Correct CPU clocks. Replaced protection hack with actual implementation. Cleaned up inputs. Fixed also graphics (score area) are shifted to 1-pixel right. Changed M6803 CPU2 clock speed to 3579545 Hz, visible area to 240x252 and VSync to 56.737589 Hz. Removed 3rd coin slot.
    - 0.120u3: Curt Coder fixed missing sound in Moon Patrol, this was caused by the 6800 rewrite by him.
    - 0.112: Chris Hardy fixed Moon Patrol scrolling so that it matches the schematics.
    - 12th July 2004: 3D ARCADE - New 3D cabinet model for Moon Patrol from Pariah.
    - 0.78u3: Aaron Giles fixed Moon Patrol crash.
    -  5th January 2004: Curt Coder submitted fixes to the Moon Patrol driver.
    - 0.78u1: Stefan Jokisch replaced the wrong character palette PROM '2a' in the Williams set with a new PROM dump and for the IREM set he changed the size of the PROM to 512 bytes, renamed all ROMs, converted the driver to the tilemap system, simplified background drawing by creating a 256x64 gfx layout and minor fixes to the video section based on schematics. Changed palettesize from 192 to 576 colors.
    -  3rd January 2004: Brian Troha fixed one ROM in Moon Patrol.
    -  1st January 2003: Stefan Jokisch added PROMs and converted Moon Patrol to the tilemap system.
    - 0.37b13: Removed clone Moon Ranger. This bootleg was a gfx hack of Moon Patrol with no code changes.
    - 0.37b6: Changed M6803 CPU2 and the 2x AY-8910 clock speeds to 894886 Hz.
    - 0.35b11: Changed M6803 CPU2 clock speed to 1.5MHz.
    - 0.35b10: Changed M6803 CPU2 clock speed to 6MHz.
    - 0.35b4: [DOS] New -quadra and -triple video options. They are slower than the others, but provide interesting features. With -quadra the screen is quadrupled horizontally and tripled vertically, so a 256x256 game fits perfectly in a 1024x768 screen. -triple triples horizontally and doubles vertically, so it's perfect for Moon Patrol [ole00@usa.net].
    - 0.34RC1: Nicola fixed music in Moon Patrol.
    - 0.34b1: Added color prom ($0, 100, 120, 140 - character, background, sprite and lookup table).
    - 0.33b4: In the DOS version, -vsync is supported for games running at 57fps (e.g. Moon Patrol). However, due to the sync rate being different, the game runs 6% faster than it should [Nicola Salmoria].
    - 0.31: Gary Walton added 'Moon Patrol' (Irem 1982). Known issues: Sometimes, when you kill an enemy ship which is falling down, the ship and the score will stick on the screen for some time instead of disappearing. I don't know if this is a bug of the original. The background might not be entirely accurate. Renamed (mpatrol) to (mpatrolw).
    - 29th March 1998: Gary Walton dumped Moon Patrol (IREM).
    - 0.33b7: Changed description of clone 'Moon Ranger (bootleg Moon Patrol)' to 'Moon Ranger'.
    - 0.29: Aaron Giles improved sound in Moon Patrol. Valerio Verrando added high score saving to Moon Patrol. Accurate colors in Moon Patrol [Tim Lindquist, Nicola Salmoria]. Known issues: The background might not be entirely accurate. Colors in test mode are not correct (black instead of R, G, B). The other colors in the game seem to be correct, so I don't know what's going on. Some problems with sound, which might be due to imperfect 6808 emulation. The background drum track is missing. Added sound rom (mp-snd.1a). Fixed gfx rom loading.
    - 0.27: Changed description of clone 'Moon Ranger' to 'Moon Ranger (bootleg Moon Patrol)'.
    - 0.15: Fixed most of the graphics problems with Moon Patrol [Nicola Salmoria]. The video driver is a gigantic kludge right now, but it works and at a reasonable speed (though I can't reach 60fps on my 486/100).
    - 0.13: Began working on Moon Patrol's background [Nicola Salmoria]. It's quite messed up now. Thanks to Thomas Meyer for Moon Patrol screenshots.
    - 0.12: Added clone Moon Ranger.
    - 17th March 1997: Dumped Moon Ranger (bootleg of Moon Patrol).
    - 0.11: Nicola Salmoria added 'Moon Patrol' (Williams 1982). There is no scrolling background because I don't know where to place it... can anyone provide a screen snapshot? Game is playable with wrong colors and no sound. Control: Arrows = Move around, CTRL = Fire, ALT = Jump and F2+F3 = Test Mode (press and release, then be patient. After the RAM/ROM tests, press 2 for an additional menu of options, then left/right to choose the option, and 1 to select it). Increased the maximum size of the graphic elements that can be handled by decodegfx() from 32x32 to 64x64 [Nicola Salmoria]. Actually I would have needed 256x64 to do Moon Patrol backgrounds, but that seemed slightly overkill. Thanks to Chris Hardy for info on Moon Patrol.
    LEVELS: 5
    Recommended Games (Moon):
    Lunar Lander
    Lunar Rescue
    Moon Patrol
    Mag Max
    Romset: 48.8 kb / 16 files / 23.1 zip
    0.11 [Nicola Salmoria, Chris Hardy]
    - 0.140u2: Removed includes\iremz80.h. Added includes\m52.h and audio\irem.h.
    - 0.135u1: Added includes\iremz80.h. Removed includes\m52.h and audio\irem.h.
    - 0.123u2: Added includes\iremipt.h.
    - 0.122u8: Changed mpatrol.c to m52.c driver. Added includes\m52.h.
    - 0.35b12: Added sndhrdw\irem.h.
    - 0.34RC1: Added sndhrdw\irem.c. Removed sndhrdw\mpatrol.c.
    - 0.31: Removed machine\mpatrol.c.
    - 0.29: Added sndhrdw\mpatrol.c.
    - 0.12: Added vidhrdw\generic.c/h.
    - 0.11: Added mpatrol.c driver, machine\mpatrol.c and vidhrdw\mpatrol.c.
    Name:  dips.PNG
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Size:  125.5 KBName:  game over.PNG
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Size:  121.8 KB
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  4. 01-13-2020, 02:59 PM
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  5. 01-13-2020, 03:50 PM
    Voting yes
    Bonus Life: 10000 at 52:02 left on the video
    Start 54:10 left on the video
    Final score is at :26 left on the video Name:  image.png
Views: 29
Size:  372.2 KB
    JJTJohnnyLightning World #1 Racer on Arcade Game Fast & Furious Super Cars 1,803 Match Wins 49Cities
  6. 01-13-2020, 09:18 PM
    Damn you Jason!! :D
    Awesome run mate, accepted
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  7. 01-15-2020, 08:58 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Barra View Post
    Damn you Jason!! :D
    Awesome run mate, accepted
    Haha, sorry mate, unintentional troll there! Race you to 750k :)
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