Android - Hill Climb Racing - Jeep - Beach [Distance] - 2,891 - Simon Leitch

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  1. Android - Hill Climb Racing - Jeep - Beach [Distance] - 2,891 - Simon Leitch

    01-14-2020, 01:15 PM
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    Jeep - Beach [Distance]
    Score Track
    Must use the specified vehicle on the specified course. Score entered is the distance covered in meters. No pausing - must show entire run to confirm.

    No Boosters may be used during the race
    Submission Message
    Target: 2,934 metres

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  2. 01-15-2020, 01:49 PM
    Nice one. Good to see you working through the process too. :)
    I'd rather be last on every game than throw my time away chasing only one score.
  3. 01-16-2020, 05:29 AM
    Voting yes
    Game starts at 5:23 left on the video
    Final score is at left on the videoName:  image.png
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  4. 01-20-2020, 08:09 AM
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