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  1. 10-07-2020, 09:47 AM
    To use the Great Gatsby as an example...the audio book is under 5 hours long. That is someone reading at a controlled and pretty slow pace. But to that end, reading it in a day would take 5 hours tops. As far as levels of understanding, if I'm looking to read a book for enjoyment, then a book like The Great Gatsby is a 2-2.5 hour read. If I'm looking for graduate level discussion and analysis of it, then it's going to be a longer shot (probably multiple days).

    One of my classes when getting my Master in Library Science was a class on Young Adult Literature...I had to read about 2000 pages a week every week for 14 weeks, plus still get assignments done. There were days were I routinely read 800-1000 pages in a day. Did I retain enough that I could dissect the books and tell you the 14 different meanings of the sun rising on the 4th day? No. Did I retain enough to explain the premise, plot, and major themes to a patron and determine if said book is a good fit for their interest/personality? Yes. Like Roger mentioned, what you want to get out of the reading is a big factor.

    To make a comparison - I routinely "watch" movies while getting my auction finds listed online (I like the background and it tends to keep me a bit more focused on staying in the room at my seat). I also like to watch movies while doing nothing but watching the movie. Both instances of watching bring me enjoyment/pleasure and both serve there own purpose. One isn't better or worse because I get different things from them, and I'm going to choose certain movies for certain instances (I'm not going to watch a martial arts film with subtitles while trying to research items I'm selling).
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    The last I read was an incredibly spontaneous book for me. Not when I thought that I would read this. It was "who cares?" https://Imaspamywanker.fu wonderful work and very exotic. Recently, more and more I sit on the forums in search of books. But the easiest way to find it is to read the executive summary. So you can quickly figure out what you will find and what is not among the huge volume of books and various literature.
    Same guy posting with multiple new accounts drops "casual" spam that is not even related to gaming. Enough already. Reported. Time for this spamola thread to go buh bye.
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  5. 01-20-2021, 01:54 AM
    The last book I read was "280 Days Before You Were Born. A report on what you forgot when you were in the midst of events. Author Katharina Westre. Very informative! I was getting ready to be a dad at the time!
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    Same guy posting with multiple new accounts drops "casual" spam that is not even related to gaming. Enough already. Reported. Time for this spamola thread to go buh bye.

    I don't think anything will happen. I have reported this obvious spam several times, but with no effect.
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  7. 02-17-2021, 03:01 AM
    The last book I read was Captain Blood: His Odyssey. I really like adventure stories. There are so many problems in life today that books like this help to switch things up a bit.
  8. 03-05-2021, 04:20 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Franz Kaiser View Post
    Just finished the original Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. It was a birthday gift last year and I never thought I would run through its 500 pages, but then quarantine came...
    Really good! Bigger and much more extensive than the movie

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    Hi) I am a new user and I want to know about this book. Can you post a link to buy this book?
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