Berzerk (Arcade) scores missing or combined now ?

  1. Berzerk (Arcade) scores missing or combined now ?

    05-03-2020, 03:18 PM
    Been awhile since I have looked at the records, but now the pattern and non-pattern scores are missing, nothing separate for slow/fast one life, slow\fast pattern and non pattern. Also I don't see the JROK scores anymore. What,why and when did this happen ?

  2. 05-08-2020, 07:17 AM
    Anyone ????
  3. 05-12-2020, 07:27 PM
    missing :(
  4. 05-13-2020, 11:30 AM
    pattern and random were combined because they were split improperly in the first place. scores on the "random" track were submitted at a time when "random" was allowed and so theres no way to know if they actually followed said rules

    no other track should've been affected though.
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  6. 07-25-2020, 08:04 AM
    Here is one of the original disputes that culminated with the recombination of scores:

    Here's the original thread where Joel West solicited the feedback of the TG community about separating out "Pattern" play versus traditional Berserk scores that presumably didn't utilize this technique

    For comparison, here is the track and the associated rules from 2007:

    You'll see that the track doesn't ban a specific style of play, which isn't surprising.

    Clearly one's ability to press the high score is an order of magnitude different with Pattern, which isn't meant to minimize the fast reflexes and situational awareness needed to play the game for hours. I read that Phil Younger (Robotcity) broke the world record on Berzerk, purposefully ending his game at 401,130 points with four men still left.

    Here is the discussion that occurred over at CAGDC that Snowflake references in the dispute. West personally weights in later in the thread.

    Logistical issues aside, I do see merit in West’s argument that the context of game play for Berzerk scores is muddied with historical scores combined in a track where the discovery of a new Pattern tactic completely changed what was possible with points.

    That said, confirming what tactics were used for all of the historical scores is impossible, and ensuring that there isn’t ever any looping in a game would seem difficult to ensure as a player going for the Random track.

    On the topic of more recent submissions, Redelf had a submission accepted for a track called Arcade - Berzerk - Slow Bullets - Random Play (No Pattern Allowed), but when you click through his submission, you end up at the "Slow Bullets" track. I'm not clear what happened, it seems the original submission track as cited in the submission thread is gone, the closest track would be "Slow Bullets - No Pattern Allowed." There is a hint there's a record listed there even though the track says "No results found."

    If it's a case where the existing "Slow Bullets" was briefly renamed "Slow Bullets - Random Play (No Patterns Allowed)" before being reverted, it looks like at minimum Redelf's score can be moved to the existing "Slow Bullets - No Pattern Allowed" track?

    Below are a series of other links with discussion about Berzerk tactics for the curious:,1553.30.html
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