A response to a forum attacking me while blocking me

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  1. A response to a forum attacking me while blocking me

    05-13-2020, 10:34 AM
    I prefer to use wall posts over forum posts, but if i'm gonna be insulted in forum posts i need my defense to be equally open and permanent

    a certain someone who likes to make all his clutter that belongs on a wall into forum posts has decided to post about me in the forum thereby using whats meant to more permanent and public as a soap box for his vendetta against me, going back to his old ways of silencing any opposition

    the certian someone has already left tg for good 30 times only to come back a week later, so no, i dont buy his "gone for good" trick to get the last word as a reason to not defend myself.

    indeed there is tension between us as both these posts show, but the tension arose from disagreements on the scoreboard itself, not the other way around as he claims. If claims against me are to be made a public on a thread he then bans me from I think that corrupt action alone says alot about the morals of the person in question. Also, his repeated talk of leaving only to come back i think says alot about his honesty please take that into account when judging his claims about me and others. I wont be forced out of TG like the others he's bullied
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  2. 05-13-2020, 01:43 PM
    well i see a certain someone is responding to this with more false info about me. I know the incident he's refering to.

    He didnt read the rules on a track that allowed game genie and went wild insulting everyone for accepting such a record. so actually he "drew first blood". I pointed him to the rules and he got even more insulted and indignant that i would point out that track rules overrule general rules insisting he wrote such rules. i exprssed my surprise then how he could write the rules but still tell people the opposite of what they say. its one thing to not know the rules, its quite another to know them and lie about them. he reported me to jace for daring to call him a liar. jace came in, said i was right he was wrong but wished i could've been more polite in my debunking of his nonsense.

    so thats the "first blood" he gave false info, tried to get a good score rejected, insulted eveyrone as incompetant for voting the right way and then got even more angry when i correctly pointed out he was voting on tracks without even reading rules

    perhaps this is why hes only one of two people to make angry wall posts every time he adjudicates wrong. passive voter that he is, he gets upset when his cred gets hit due to not taking time to vote properly which like all true narcissists, is everyones fault except him own. i'm not gonna keep logging out to see whats said about me and sign back as i'm blocked from the other thread. i'm be blocking you too here buddy so you can jump through the same hoops

    you "drew first blood" by trying to get a good score rejected
    you "drew second blood" by insulting everyone who explained why it was good
    i drew third i guess by pointing to the rules but as i had no other issues with you yet i did so diplomatically
    you attacked again

    and now that you mention it, that probably was our first negative interaction. weird so thats what this is all about? he lazily didnt read the rules and was upset i tried to teach you to adjudicate properly for once? the fact you bring it up shows what a vindictivve grudge you hold. i had forgotten about it until now. thank you thank you for showing how thats its you with the axe to grind and i just respond. get over yourself.
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  3. 05-15-2020, 08:43 AM
    I hate coming back to this site just to mention him but it isnt right to let some guy that thinks he's better than us trash us when if we even say one derogatory thing about him he cries and reports and gets many things removed that we say.

    If he doesn't like the truth about his nature as a person then maybe he should change that about himself. But you know what they say about old dogs..

    If he doesn't clean those skeletons out of his closet then he will eventually get boned. I almost have pity until I realize his antics are beyond childish. As much as I've made peace with myself towards the many characters we have here, I refuse to back down against my stance against rtm and the horrible things he has done to gaming community. Can't believe I constantly break hiatus because someone that claims to be gfg hangs around like a fungus.
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