M.A.M.E. Bandido record attempt, have questions first

  1. M.A.M.E. Bandido record attempt, have questions first

    05-20-2020, 05:57 PM
    If you're familiar with Exidy's 1980 game "Bandido", you know that your score doubles after completing the 3rd board, the 8th board, and then every 8th board after that. Your score display maxes out at six digits, but those six digits will always be the correct last six digits of your score. For example, if my score is 644,350 as I complete an 8th board, it will double to 1,288,700 but the game will display 288,700.

    Obviously this is not really a big deal as it only takes a pen and a piece of paper to keep track of the correct score. So here's my question: I've been practicing and will soon submit a score that will either be in the hundreds of millions, or in the billions. It will be recorded via INP on WolfMAME and will be a completely legit score, but the judges will have to keep track of how many millions/billions it currently is after the score doubles after every 8th board. There is a counter on the screen to show the board number (1 thru 8), and there's a little cut-scene that plays as the score is doubled, so it's pretty obvious when that occurs. A little math and a pen and paper are all that's needed.

    Is this something that the judges at TG are able/willing to do, or do I need to think about approaching my Bandido WR attempt in some other way? Is there anyone in particular at TG that I should ask about this? Thanks!
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