Playstation 2 played on Playstation 3 - Acceptable Submission?

  1. Playstation 2 played on Playstation 3 - Acceptable Submission?

    06-14-2020, 02:46 AM
    Hi All,

    I did a quick key word search and skimmed the guidelines but have failed miserably in answering my own question :)

    Are PAL Playstation 2 submissions accepted if the game was played on PAL Playstation 3 hardware, and is therefore using the PS3's built-in backwards compatibility with the PS2? The PS3 is stock PAL PS3 hardware and is completely unmodified and original as the day it came out of the factory.

    Thank you,

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  2. 06-15-2020, 06:04 AM
    Yes they are, there are plenty of PS1/PSX submissions that are played on PS2, so official original consoles with backwards compatibility have been accepted to be used in submissions. There shouldn't be any problem using PS3 to play and submit PS2 games. BUT popular opinion is that backwards compatible hardware shouldn't be used for speedruns unless the game has an in-game timer (there might be variable opinions among the members on this, so I'm just mentioning this as a heads-up).
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