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  1. Fund Raiser Community Services..

    06-21-2020, 02:24 PM
    Originally I had the idea to post here or ask if Jace would like to promote a GoFundMe setup for Richie Knucklez arcade in Denville, NJ.

    Richie Knucklez Arcade (Denville, NJ) -

    We're trying to raise money just to keep his business above water in these times. Arcades are definitely a much needed part of our society. If you can spare anything please do.

    I've not only donated to Richie's, but Morristown Game Vault's as well. Maybe next payday I'll donate to another that I've been meaning to get to, but haven't been so far.

    But then I got to thinking.. I've been listening to NJ101.5 radio and they decided to create a page advertising small businesses in New Jersey. Maybe we could get together a list of arcades with a GoFundMe setup. Or maybe you know a place that is offering a deal for when things get back open.. for example, I think TNT Amusements might still be offering a discount on birthday parties.. book now to use at a later date when birthday parties are allowed to be held at a cheaper rate. Don't quote me on that one. I know he had mentioned it before on YouTube video, I just don't know if it's still being offered.

    During times of no restrictions (when things are normal), I visit arcades once, sometimes twice a week. I'm implementing a personal policy to pay $5 extra every time I go in for the rest of the year.. so that's roughly 6 months. I know some places are larger spaces and rent must be crazy.

    Morristown Game Vault (Morristown, NJ) - - Dave is a great guy. I've been there a few times. His machines are in great condition and a bunch of his pinballs have mods or are the nicer versions.

    Billy's Midway (Hawthorne, NJ) - - It's on my list to visit, although I haven't been there yet. GoFundMe was started by the legendary game designer Dan Kitchen!

    Marcade (Dover, NJ) - - Clean arcade, I've been there a few times including the day it opened. Most games played well.

    Those are the ones I know of from where I'm around. Feel free to share ones you know of. Here's a few more I looked up:

    Olympia Pinball Museum (Olympia, WA) -

    Pinball PA (Aliquippa, PA) - - I made a road trip here. It's a great place! Everything was working well and they had about 500 games.

    Gameseum (Ephrara, PA) - - Stephen's super nice. I haven't been to his place yet, but hope to go once things are open.
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