ZX Spectrum - Draughts (Oasis Software) - EMU - Score (level 4) - 25 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. ZX Spectrum - Draughts (Oasis Software) - EMU - Score (level 4) - 25 - Luigi Ruffolo

    06-30-2020, 01:05 AM

    EMU - Score (level 4)
    Score is the least number of moves to win as shown at the end of the match. A win is therefore a requirement. The player may freely choose his side (white or black). Capture Search must be on.Due to the computer's extreme slowness in this kind of games running on old systems (at the advanced levels sometimes waiting for your computer opponent to make a move, even at the beginning of a game, could take hours to days), players may freely change emulator speed settings during the game. Similar methods to accelerate the game speed may be used on real hardware, if accepted by the community (maybe taking advantage of the ZX Spectrum Next turbo modes could be OK?), and if the players can prove they are not cheating playing this way.
    Submission Message
    The action starts at 1:40.

    Emulator: Spectaculator 8.0 (Emulator settings shown at the beginning of the video, cassette recorder window visible, RZX recording feature on).

    As additional evidence, you may download the attached RZX file (recorded history).

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