Arcade - FAST AND FURIOUS SUPER CARS - To finish with the fastest race time

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  1. Arcade - FAST AND FURIOUS SUPER CARS - To finish with the fastest race time

    06-30-2020, 11:45 AM


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    To finish with the fastest race time

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    Some of the glitches are listed below for reference:

    - Creating a Turbo boost off objects like buildings, bridges, roads, trees, etc. can get a player unrealistic speeds from 500 to 995 mph

    -Getting stuck in any object in mid-air during a jump is prohibited. A player's vehicle must remain in motion while executing jumps.

    -Creating a flip sequence which extends beyond the normal bounds of the game's programming.

    -Utilizing prohibited illegal shortcuts or clipping of the track were a player can skip huge parts of the track to get race times under 1 minute & under 10 seconds

    Here is the link this has been deleted already.


    1. 1 Player only

    2. Any car, modifications, transmission, difficulty and any start or check point bonus time is allowed. Normal short cuts are ok.

    3. 4 Turbo boost, 1 at the start and 3 in reserve

    4. Glitches, car simulators, use of PC home version, emulators, wall-riding, cheats, codes, clipping of the track, illegal short-cuts or hacking of the original game programming is Prohibited.

    5. Conversion kits are allowed but must be in an arcade game cabinet.

    6. Player must show enough of the arcade game cabinet to confirm that the correct peripherals like a steering wheel, pedal and gear stick are being used. Game settings is not required to be seen.

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