Android - GnarBike Trials - Pro - 16 [Time] - 20.06 - Andrew Mee

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  1. Android - GnarBike Trials - Pro - 16 [Time] - 20.06 - Andrew Mee

    07-05-2020, 06:19 AM

    Pro - 16 [Time]
    Time entered is that shown on the results screen on completion of the challenge. As the timer is constantly active, continues are permitted. The additional Heyzap system is optional. Times shown by Heyzap are NOT applicable.
    Submission Message
    Achieved on 20200404. Attempt begins around 7 seconds in.

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  2. 07-05-2020, 08:37 AM
    Nice time, Andrew! Accepted!
    Jared Oswald
    World record holders on "Guitar Hero", "Rock Band" and Sonic games.
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