Dispute: Doron Gronski - M.A.M.E. - Triple Hunt - Points [Hit the Bear] - Player: Blaine Locklair - Doron Gronski

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  1. Dispute: Doron Gronski - M.A.M.E. - Triple Hunt - Points [Hit the Bear] - Player: Blaine Locklair - Doron Gronski

    07-18-2020, 03:29 AM
    M.A.M.E. - Triple Hunt - Points [Hit the Bear]
    ROMSet: TriplHnt
    Play Time: 32 Seconds / 16 Raccoons
    Game Select: Hit the Bear
    Extended Play: ON
    Service Mode: Off
    Special Rules: None
    Player Name
    Blaine Locklair
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    4,860 (Rank 1)
    Disputed By
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    This is a time based game. The menu has 4 options:32 seconds,64 seconds,96 seconds and 128 seconds.If you reach the game's goal,you'll get Extended time which is half your starting time,meaning: If you played 32 seconds you'll be rewarded with additional 16 seconds.If you played 64 seconds you'll get additional 32 seconds etc.
    The Twin Galaxies rules ask for 32 seconds!

    When you shoot the Bullseye on the Bear's body you get points : 20 pts for the big bear and 40 pts for the small one. When a bear gets hit ,it will stand up on his rear legs and growl and at that time you CAN'T hit it. ONLY when he's back on 4 legs your shots will count as hits (see photo from the original manual)-

    As you can see in my submission, I shoot the bear at a very rapid pace but the maximum hit rate is about ONE hit per ONE second.
    Now comes simple Math :In the game you get 48 seconds (32+16 extended time) and let say you don't lose time at all and immediately shoot at only small bears which worth 40 pts at the maximum speed of 1 bear per second:
    48 seconds X 1 bear per second X 40 pts = 1920 pts Maximum score possible.
    1920 pts is less than half of the current record by Blaine Locklair!!
    I do believe that Blaine accidentally used the wrong DIP switch time setting and played with a lot more time to begin the game.

  2. 07-18-2020, 04:08 AM
    I agree. Dear Blaine, I don't know where you are now and what do you think about the meaning of life and universe, I even appreciated your Xbox guides on YouTube about the red ring of death (red rings can be very annoying some days), but we have a problem here, right now. Your performance seems dramatically unrealistic. Sorry, Blaine, nothing personal, but I must vote yes.
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