Just heard one of my brother's TG records was successfully disputed:

  1. Just heard one of my brother's TG records was successfully disputed:

    07-23-2020, 11:21 PM
    Sorry I missed out on the affair (as well as my brother missing out) as I don't visit TG all that much these days with my current job of modding and repairing game consoles. However, I found in my inbox an old PM letting me know my brother Mike Morrow's Castlevania: Bloodlines score was being disputed and he was effectively accused of breaking the rules by leeching. So let me tell you what it was like for those of us NOT named Billy Mitchell or Todd Rogers back then:

    When we wanted to attempt a record, we were told what the rules were AT THAT TIME, and had to start the VCR recording from before powering on the console, recording all failed attempts uninterrupted, until the record was achieved. After which, the video tapes had to be sent to other referees for independent verification. Unlike Billy being able to use Todd to 'wash his back' on his DK score, we had to send everything to other referees for full video review and verification. In most cases, to Robert Mruczek, but often times to other referees as well. The point being there is NO WAY IN HELL my brother's video would have been verified and entered into the database if he broke a then-listed rule. The referee would have immediately informed him and tossed the record out. So I have to believe one of two things happened here:

    1. The leeching rule had not been in effect when my brother made the video tape.
    2. If it had, then the referee failed to even notice, as did my brother. I find it hard to believe two different people would have failed to notice such a rule.

    Think about it: My brother would NOT waste his time leeching if it were against the rules, and then try to 'roll the dice' that a referee wouldn't notice either. We took pride on being some of the only HONEST referees in TG back then, as Robert can attest to the many times he verified scores for us and had to field our many complaints about other referee and score shenanigans.

    So TLDR: My brother never intentionally broke any rule when submitting records for TG, and furthermore, the score was documented on video and independently verified. I can get him on here to defend himself, but he will tell you the exact same thing.
  2. 08-02-2020, 11:32 PM
    i just saw this now. i'm not familiar with the dispute, but for all i know i was familiar and already forgot my memory is real good on some things and awful on others. anyway two ponts
    1. people use the wall more than forums now, you're post will probably get noticed more there and sooner
    2. a dispute is on the score not the person. a score being removed just means it doesnt follow the rules of the track. if it followed the rules at the time great, but if the rules were later changed it no longer follows those rules and must go. Ive seen a few times that the high profile disputes results in people thinking if a score is stripped the person is banned and all scores stripped and declared a cheater.... however thats not thte case. i've had scores removed were i made honest mistakes that noone caught. there was no punishment for me other than the problem score removed. this has happened to many others as well. a score dispute is not (or at least should not) be about the integrity of the person
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  3. Yesterday, 12:01 AM
    Here is the dispute:

    Castlevania Bloodlines - 10,158,440

    I really don't think Mike is a cheater or would try to slip one by a referee. It's just that unless there is some big secret(s) no one else has found, the only way to get over 10 million points on Castlevania Bloodlines is to leech for hours.
    It sounds like the rules may have changed. The downside to that is that someone, like myself, who sees this score without any knowledge of rule changes would think "hey, this is leeched" and raise a dispute about it.

    Disputes can be reopened and scores can be reinstated if enough evidence is provided. Now I'm starting to think the score may be a typo that resulted after some data transfers.
    With the score being done in 2002, I don't know about the chances of the video surviving. If provided, that would be great. If not, we'll have to rely on Mike's word, who does appear to be a trustworthy person.
  4. Yesterday, 06:36 AM
    Lots of 1sts to be surpassed: what are you waiting for? Play the game, submit the score...
  5. Yesterday, 07:19 AM
    It appears as though the dispute was active for and was deliberated for about 2 years (2018 to March 2020). From what I can tell, there was a general interest to contact Mike and inquire about the performance. I'm not sure if any attempts were actually made, though.

    I would concur with the prior comments, in that a disputed score is no reflection of or correlation to the integrity of the submitter. Hell, I've disputed my own submissions a time or two.

    Perhaps a "leeching permitted" track can be created, and this score moved to it?
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