M.A.M.E. - Cisco Heat - Points - 480,170 - Kirk Rampersad

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Cisco Heat - Points - 480,170 - Kirk Rampersad

    06-14-2020, 12:01 PM

    WolfMame version
    ROMSet: CiscHeat
    Up Limit: Off
    Down Limit: Off
    Left Limit: Off
    Right Limit: Off
    Unknown: Off [All]
    Unit ID: 0 (Red Car)
    Difficulty: Normal
    Infinity Time [Cheat]: Off
    Country: Japan
    Allow Continue: Off
    Unit ID [2]: Use Other
    Special Rules: Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message
    Thanks for watching and adjudicating

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  2. 06-25-2020, 07:23 AM
    Awaiting MAME INP analyst before Voting yes
    Congratulations Kirk Rampersad a WR
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    Game starts at :17 on the video
    Final score is at 13:01 on the video
    Name:  image.png
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    Game settings
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  3. 06-28-2020, 01:00 AM
    Nice score, Kirk! Accepted!
    Jared Oswald
    World record holders on "Guitar Hero", "Rock Band" and Sonic games.
  4. 07-27-2020, 10:35 PM
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