Atari 7800 - Tower Toppler - Points - 70,990 - Vinnie Vineyard

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  1. Atari 7800 - Tower Toppler - Points - 70,990 - Vinnie Vineyard

    07-30-2020, 07:05 PM

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  2. 07-31-2020, 12:38 AM
    After almost twenty years, the old champion has been defeated, planet Nebulus waters are drinkable now and... Wait a minute. The run looks legit, but no console boot up (and cartridge) shown, if I'm not wrong. Twin Galaxies is now regulated by strict laws and customs, so I don't remember if this submission is acceptable without further evidence. I'm abstaining for now, the word to the experts. (Jason Data breathes a sigh of relief).
  3. 07-31-2020, 02:01 AM
    I'm sorry, Vinnie. Voting no.
    Jared Oswald
    World record holders on "Guitar Hero", "Rock Band" and Sonic games.
  4. 07-31-2020, 07:58 AM
    Why are you voting no?
  5. 07-31-2020, 01:08 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by FunkmasterV View Post
    Why are you voting no?
    I'm sorry, but you failed to show the cartridge as well as the console booting up. Because of this, I have no choice but to vote no as well.
    Lauren Tyler
    Eternal Champion of Ragol
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