PC - TrackMania [2020] - Training - 1 - 07.502 - Daniel Ocampo

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  1. PC - TrackMania [2020] - Training - 1 - 07.502 - Daniel Ocampo

    08-01-2020, 08:10 PM

    Training - 1
    Score Track
    Time entered is that displayed at the completion of the track. Any shortcuts are permissible within the game confines. As all vehicles skins do not change the mechanics of the game, player may choose an alternative skin where they have the facility.
    Submission Message
    Run starts at 10:40
    So hard to shave off just a few miliseconds.
    Thanks for watching!

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  2. 08-01-2020, 10:58 PM
    Score is confirmed. Well played. Voting yes.
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