How to win at Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch

  1. How to win at Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch

    08-19-2020, 08:27 AM
    The game layout:
    General LCD captain obvious section on layouts
    Because this is LCD gaming, its far more digital than a typical video game in that each character can only appear in predefined spots. this has two useful, well captain obvoius conclusions, that i'll state anyway.
    1. There is nothing hidden, you dont have to worry about strange easter eggs, glitches, hidden pieces, hit boxes whatever. what you see is what you get. This means you can plan with 100% certaintly that theres no hidden info you're missing.
    2. Movement is very digitized. things completely stop for a while and then immediatley jump to the next position -- it is worth pointing out that it would be wrong to treat each jump as analagous to a "frame". you're allowed multiple inputs between enemy jumps. if you just watch enemy movement it would appear the game only updates fairly slowly but in truth you can move several positions for every one positional move an enemy makes. this is useful for making some tight moves.

    Game specific layout info
    1. There are only 4 rows. the vines on top level that you can hang on but no enemy can reach. the top level standing where the lockjaws can get you -- also they can move on to the far right vine before dropping. The vines on the bottom level where the birds are. Interestingly the lockjaw falling has to skip this level since thats where a bird can appear, so it worth remember a falling lock jaw skips that step. This goes to the point earlier of remember some universal truths of LCD gaming. And finally the bottom most level where lockjaws can also be.
    2. there is a fruit on the top level, knocking it freezes you and the enemies but not the vine, so be aware grabbing the fruit can interfere with your timing to get to donkey kong. Likewise the fruit can hit enemies on all 3 levels, so even after you move again, if it hits another enemy there can be a pause that can really interefere with timing since it affects your jump and the enemies movement differently. be cautious of how timing can be affected while the fruit is still in motion.

    Enemy movement
    Though its true this is very digital with the enemies jumping one entire spot at a time, they are NOT all in psynch. a lockjaw in front will move a brief moment before the lockjaw behind, meaning there are temporarly two spaces between lockjaws. This is an opportunity to actually move with the lockjaws, though thats an extremely difficult move and largely unneeded, on rare occasion it can be life saving. The birds are also not completley in synch so its theoretically possible in a jump if timed just right to have a lockjaw move under you and then fall before the bird moves. But be warned these moves are insanely difficult and there is no easier moment to build up the skills, its a quantum leap in skill compared to the rest of the game. If you want to learn this it wont happen just while playing the game you'll have to purposely dedicate some games to just trying to learn this while not even trying to do anything else.

    The rope swing
    you can grab it only in the last 2 positions, dont be confused the rope goes further while you're on it, than when you're not on it so its easy to a beginner to be wrong about the final position. watch the rope swing a few times to see what the last two positions (last two while you're not on it) are.

    Go fast as possible
    some impossible scenarios exist, or rather, impossible unless you learn some of the very very hard timing that takes advantage of enemies not being in psynch mentioned above. This means you have to go for certain type positions, better deal with a quick move now than try to deal with enemy synching later. some key points is learning the soonest you can possibly dash to the top vine. even if you can just barely make it to the top vine before a lock jaw moves in, go for it, waiting for a safer chance there means increasing dangerous issues with birds below. once on the upper platform you can play it alot safer

    you can only hang on vines so long. if theres a huge wave of lockjaws that are passing beneath you, you may have to quickly drop between lochjaws and the jump up again rather than risk being forced to fall on one.

    The top level is pseudo safe
    dont be afraid to wait on the vine (briefly jumping off and back on) waiting for just the right opporunity. granted this means when an opportunity comes you have to run the full length so now exactly where the rope has to be for you to dash. I prefer to wait one step to the left (where the fruit normally is if youve already used it). this way if lockjaws show up before a safe chance to jump i can double back and hang on the vine waiting for my next chance to go back to the fruit spot and wait for an opening to the rope swing.

    jumping lockjaws.
    This is useful since running back and hanging on the rope takes longer, and that delay can make you miss a rope swing opportunity as well as give other lockjaws a chance to spawn. the danger is jumping numberous ones can be difficult as its possible to jump one yet land exactly as the second one moves in. learning how to jump multiple ones is dififcult, i prefer seeing if its just one and jumping, otherwise doubling back to the vine.

    300 pts
    the 300 point moment removes all deaths, but if you have no deaths doubles your points. I hate to say "the secret is to never die", but well, being able to get double the score is pretty important. if you manage to do this its a motivation to play extra conservatively since you want to keep your double potins rolling. the moment you die after 300 points youll go back to normally scoring, but as long as you continue to have no deaths points are doubled. that can absoltuely factor in the decision to take high risk high points versus low risk low points -- low points doubled can be more than high points not doubled

    Finger slips are an important aspect in a long game. eyesight even matters, its easy to miss something, new batteries, good leaning, clear lens, even if you think you can see well, when the split seconds decisions come the slightest issue with visuals can be deathly.
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  2. 08-21-2020, 06:56 PM
    You don't see this in like new condition every day. That feeling when you get something even this small that takes you back to your childhood:

    Edit: Hmm, I guess this site doesn't allow using time marked videos. Go to 9:15 of the video on YouTube to watch it.
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  3. 08-21-2020, 07:02 PM
    donkey kong 2 does look pretty good as well. plain ole donkey kong didnt look good but who knows, donkey kong jr doesnt look amazing but hte game play is so much better than it appears
  4. 10-02-2020, 05:01 AM
    I liked the game. Very high quality picture, but I never passed it, I didn't have enough time ..
  5. 10-02-2020, 06:26 AM
    never too late to go back and retry it
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  6. 10-15-2020, 12:25 AM
    I've never passed it.
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