Game Boy Camera records?

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  1. Game Boy Camera records?

    09-11-2020, 10:08 AM
    Hey guys,

    So I got a GameBoy Camera, and it has 3 mini games; Space Fever 2, Ball, and Run!Run!Run!. These games have scoring capabilities(so should theoretically have high score capabilities, why not?) There's quite a few demonstrations of this online, but when I tried to find the Game Boy Camera on the category list for high scores I couldn't find it. The only thing that came close was Space Fever 2 being listed, but it doesn't seem too accurate/detailed. It just has a screenshot from the Space Fever 2 mini game, and only lists the other games as "Game A, B, and C", and it says it is for arcade platform, not the Game Boy.

    I'm just wondering, because I would like to set some records for this, if that existing page could be updated/tweaked/replaced, or if a game isn't listed on the site, how do you submit it, so others can find it easily/attempt scores? Is there a way I could set up the game page, and submit it as a calid game for high scores to the site? If so, could someone please tell me how?

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