Game Boy Camera records?

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  1. 09-11-2020, 02:56 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
    derivatives were meant for things like angry birds, which is why the rules have to be the same for all derivatives, it was meant to cover numerous levels in the same game

    people have worked around that by inserting rules into the title or by having heavily formulaic rules that say stuff like this "for this title use these rules for that title use these ones" and admin has ruled thats not abuse and is in fact allowed.

    derivativs have same rules differnet title, so use whatever title you want for the original track, thats the one thing you can change for the other tracks

    also, derivatives do not add to your total track creation founder count. which makes sense otherwise someone could easily make dozens of bs deritavies to climb that ladder. rather when you make derivatives you only climb that ladder for the first track. to that end, why not, i've got the points, i'd be very happy to create the tracks not as derivatives and increase my track creation count. if derivatives make sense use derivatives. if however deriviates force one of the above workaround and individual tracks make more sense, just give me the rules and i'll have no problem making them for you, and of course leaving some points left over so you can donate and appear as a track founder too -- note only track creator climbs the ladder. if you create the track with 10 pts, and i donate all 25, you climb the adder by one point and i climb not at all

    That all makes sense. I'm not really worried about climbing the track creation boards so that doesn't really matter. It sounds like it will be easiest to just create 3 tracks then.

    Do you think they should be titled "Gameboy Camera - xxx" where xxx is the minigame title, or just be set up with the minigame title
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