About Soccer Brawl (MAME) and the Biggest Blowout rule

  1. About Soccer Brawl (MAME) and the Biggest Blowout rule

    09-24-2020, 12:14 AM

    The rules are well-explained but maybe there's an unclear aspect. There are penalty kicks after a draw game. According to the Association of Football (aka soccer) Statisticians (AFS), those penalties, if scored, must not be taken in account as goals. In real football (aka soccer) those penalty kicks are only a quick way to pick a team for the next round and let the tournament go on. It's a sort of modern version of the old coin toss after draws in knock-out matches.

    But this is a videogames scoreboard, so what happens in real life doesn't matter. Maybe. Besides, you may not shoot at the opponents on the field in real football (aka soccer). Yes, Suárez apparently may bite players sometimes but that's all.

    My question is: if the player draws a game and then he beats the CPU on PK (final PK score: 2-0, for example) what happens? Does it count as a draw or two points must be added to the total?

    Note that the game displays the "winners screen" with player's team in both cases (after a "normal" win and after a penalty kicks win). Unfortunately, the only submission for this game was in the pre TGSAP era (no video) and, as far as I know, that player is not here anymore.
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