M.A.M.E. - Vs. Dr. Mario - Points [Marathon Settings] - 81,400 - Svatopluk Halada

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Vs. Dr. Mario - Points [Marathon Settings] - 81,400 - Svatopluk Halada

    09-28-2020, 06:24 AM

    Points [Marathon Settings]
    WolfMame version
    Score Track
    ROMSet: DrMario
    Drop Rate Increase After: 7 Pills
    Virus Level: 1
    Drop Speed Up: Medium
    Free Play: Off
    Special Rules: Player may freely choose their Starting Level, Music and Virus Speed.

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  2. 09-28-2020, 07:30 AM
    Nice work!

    A couple of suggestions to bump that score into the 100k+ range-

    1) Begin the game on level 0. The settings start the game on level 1, but you're allowed to chose any virus starting level. Even if you destroy the virus individually, it's an extra 800 points (more if you put in some combos and putting together 2 two virus combos is generally pretty low risk and would make it 1200 points), and is low risk/takes about a minute of extra play.

    2) In the earlier stages (level 5 and below), look for more combo opportunities- especially twos and threes and sometimes fours. For example, in level two you get rid of that double blue on the left side just as a double blue. Instead, you could remove the yellow like you did, and then focus efforts on the right side waiting for a double red and a blue/red to put on the left. You place a double red down on whichever red doesn't have a yellow on it, then put a blue/red with the red hanging over. get the next blue and drop it and it will kill the two blues and the red giving you 1400 points instead of the 800 you got...and with little extra risk. Especially look for opportunities to use a double virus (two of the same color) and create a combo with the one next to it. It's the same principle that's behind the 2 virus combo, but you get one extra virus (and 800 points for said virus)

    3) Open up a well and use that to wait for the best pieces. In level 3, around the 3:15 mark, you have a great set up to get some extra combo points. When that double yellow comes down, you want to consider sliding it between the two yellows on the far right (getting you an extra 200 points). Then you'll have a cleared out area on the far right where you can start to build and collapse "wrong pills." You'll still want to clear out the red and blue on the right side, and then you'll have 2/3 of the pill bottle to dispose of junk pills while you wait for the pills you need to create two and 3 virus combos. There's at least 1k that's easy to get just in that final set.

    I think if you start to look for easy 2 and 3 virus combos in the beginning of levels, utilize level 0, and ocassionally build a well area to squeeze out some more points than this game is easily 105k-115k.
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  3. 10-03-2020, 01:48 PM
    Input file: HAL1973_DrMario_81400_w183.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Mon Sep 28 13:51:54 2020

    Recorded using 0.183W (unknown)
    Total playback frames: 110120
    Average recorded speed: 99%
    Average speed: 99.32% (1847 seconds)
    Attached Images Attached Images    
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  4. 10-16-2020, 04:49 AM
    Looks good, voting yes.
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