Xbox - Taito Legends 2 - NTSC - Growl [Points] - 12,300 - Ryan Genno

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  1. Xbox - Taito Legends 2 - NTSC - Growl [Points] - 12,300 - Ryan Genno

    09-28-2020, 11:58 AM

    NTSC - Growl [Points]
    Score Track
    Game Difficulty = Normal
    1-Player only
    Submission Message
    Run from 42:47 to 48:38.

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  2. 10-01-2020, 08:13 AM
    Voting yes
    Medium is normal difficulty
    1. Ryan ask Twin Galaxies staff to change it to Medium & explain that their is no normal difficulty for these games @SincerelyFranny @admin staff
    2. Ryan can you give a time stamp to help Twin Galaxies members on were game settings are on the video.
    3. Game console system and disk can be seen at the start of the video
    Game starts at 42:47 on the video
    Final score is at 48:37 on the video
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    Game settings
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