Help arcade board repairman Arcade Doc to get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube

  1. Help arcade board repairman Arcade Doc to get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube

    10-16-2020, 11:04 PM
    Arcade Doc - been watching his videos for about a year now. He knows his stuff. If you want an arcade board repaired, he will take a great care of it. He does not cut corners and takes his time to make sure everything works correctly. You can see he loves this hobby and has a good background in it. He cleans the boards he repairs, replaces sockets, caps, etc. and resolders connections (not just reflows them). He does the job, so the game not just works now, but will be reliable for years to come. Great content, even if you don't have an arcade machine to repair. You can learn how stuff works (including tools), as he leads you through his thinking and working process.

    If you have a board to repair just sitting there, give him a chance or maybe even donate some tools/arcade stuff you don't need. Maybe this even will motivate you to repair your own boards and/or do some preventive maintenance on them?

    He's been on YouTube for little bit over 2 years now. He has 946 subscribers. He needs another 54 (to make it 1000) to monetize his channel. Right now he gets jack squat for the videos he makes and you probably know how much effort it takes to get one of these videos done. Even if he gets to 1000 subscribers, his ad income will not be stellar, but these days every dollar counts and he will be able to get over that initial bump in the road just in time for the Holidays. I'm sure this will motivate him to make even more videos every month for us.

    Please check out his channel, hit "Subscribe" and make this great guy's day:

    Note: No, I don't know him personally and he didn't ask me to post it. Just think we do need to support each other and we need more guys like him.
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  2. 10-19-2020, 11:33 AM
    Right now he is at 957. Just 43 subs more ;). Make this guy's Holidays Great (Again) ;).

    YouTube changed the rules about a year ago to require 1000 subs to monetize. They demonetized many starting YouTubers back then.
  3. 10-27-2020, 04:18 PM
    He is at 971. Just 29 subs more.
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