PROPOSAL - Future Ongoing TG Competition (Arcade/MAME)

  1. 12-03-2020, 05:38 AM
    Having run both Arcade and MAME tourneys since the late 90's, I'll start with two ideas...

    1) KISS -- Keep It Simple Stupid...

    Perhaps for this idea, it should be renamed Keep It SINGLE Stupid. One of the most exciting live arcade tournaments I every adjudicated was a ONE LIFE Williams Manufacturer Tournament held at Barcade's flagship location in Brooklyn. That's right: for all titles ONE SINGLE LIFE, where final score is recorded upon the very first death. It is a setting. Short, simple, high replay value, nothing long and boring... PURE SKILL. Amazing to watch gamers play titles like Roboton, Centipede, Moon Patrol... Notice how those three are in the Top 10 already??? Why? Simple, super entertaining to watch intense pressure of having just 1 life. One stupid mistake and it's Game Over. Now to handle the pros for certain (actually all) games, you could simply set a cap of say 10 or 15 minutes. I think 1 hour is way too long and perhaps 1/2 an hour may be acceptable to spread out some exceptional scores near the theoretical max. Furthermore, I would also say that full games like Pole Position would not be exempt.. If you crash, you're done. This is really about demonstrating perfection. If Galaga ever makes it in... one ship only. Not being able to pick up the 2nd ship would turn this title into a total skill fest!!

    2) The scoring issue has already been solved and used in many tourneys for 10+ years

    This proposed method uses logarithmic scoring to address bunching at the top and boost very low scores which keeps non-elite players interested in competing. If the competitive balance is missing, then participation will suffer. I personally did lots of back-testing, including looking at notable tourneys from the 80's where straight percentage scoring gave wildly skewed final results. After years of research and real-world LIVE testing, it has been proven to be the most fair and equitable ranking system for any type of video game tournament. From an old post of mine in the CAGDC forums...

    Q: What is going to be the scoring system? Will it be the same as last year?

    A: Mark will be evaluating a scoring change proposal that I made last year. See this thread about the 2007 CAGDC tourney for analysis.
    Warning: could result in math overload for some...,194.15.html

    Prior to 2007, for each game played, TG's straight % system was used for CAG tourneys. score / max score
    Don proposed a new system that was used in 2007 & 2008 involving logarithms. log(score) / log(max score)

    It became evident that there was some bunching at the top and normalization of scores based on max score was not considered.
    This last version, with input from Rick, corrects these two deficiencies. .5 * log(100*score/max score)

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  2. 12-03-2020, 07:11 PM
    non golden age arcade games exist too everyone
    stg never die. 47 stg 1cc's
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  3. 12-03-2020, 07:16 PM
    honestly late 80s and early 90s arcades were everywhere too. there was more of a selection (which is a good thing, espeically in context of this) and sure that selection mean less people per any one game but i've been thinking of some hits. "golden" really helps ring a bell with "golden axe" for example. i'm not sure how big altered beast was at first, but after the genesis port it sure became cool to go and see in the arcade. i saw blazing lasers in a grocery store and was super excited to learn it was on tg16. super off road was pretty big. theres definitley some titles of note.
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  4. 12-30-2020, 11:46 PM
    Hello everyone!
  5. 01-28-2021, 09:56 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Pearl2hu View Post
    non golden age arcade games exist too everyone
    While I agree, the solution is to just have a non boomer version of the competition. Even if they added a few late 80s/early 90s games I wouldn't compete because I wouldn't play the boomer games.
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