More recovered archives concerning Steve, Billy, and Walter:

  1. More recovered archives concerning Steve, Billy, and Walter:

    11-20-2020, 10:50 PM
    Found more gems on our hard drive recovery:

    1. A complete Donkey Kong Junior Video submitted by Steve Wiebe dated June 13th, 2002 with a score of 1,014,100.

    2. A video clip of Walter Day and Billy Mitchell dated February 2nd, 2000, where BOTH Walter AND Billy claim NAMCO awarded him the "Video Game Player of the Century" title. Walter even claims the Pac-Man machine itself is proclaimed the "Video Game of the Century". Could be useful for Jace's evidence package anyway as it is yet another example of both men making the claim about the NAMCO award.

    3. A roughly 30-minute+ radio interview dated March 24th, 2005 with both Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe together. I've not listened to the entire recording, but there may be some claims in there worth noting or keeping for historical purposes.

    I'm uploading it all to Google Drive now and will post links when they are finished.
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