M.A.M.E. - Bosconian [New Version] - Points [Marathon] - 263,730 - Derek Camin

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Bosconian [New Version] - Points [Marathon] - 263,730 - Derek Camin

    11-28-2020, 02:55 PM

    Points [Marathon]
    WolfMame version
    ROMSet: Bosco
    Unknown: Off [All]
    Freeze: Off
    Allow Continue: No
    Rank: A [Medium Difficulty]
    Starting ships: 3
    Extra ships: 20K Then 70K
    Special Rules: Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message
    PB on Bosco, played for the STG mini tourney

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  2. 01-26-2021, 11:39 PM
    Can someone do the inp analysis thing with this? I don't know how to, and I use the results from it to confirm settings and vote. Ta!
  3. 01-29-2021, 11:48 AM
    Reminder that this game has conditional DIPs and since v.173 the Lives and Bonus Ships settings play on each other a bit in a queer way. This only appears funny when using -iv (INP View) to display the settings when pressing Delete.

    I verified bonus ship settings manually and the second image was taken just after the third bonus at 140k. One additional ship gained at 210k. Recorded speed seems fine. WolfMAME v.225 confirmed. This analysis is neither exhaustive nor a guarantee that this submission is valid.

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