The History of Video Games

  1. 12-01-2020, 08:10 PM
    The following video explains the origins of GoldenEye 007, a video game that revolutionized first-person shooters.

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  2. 12-02-2020, 01:54 AM
    There are some points in the history of the video game that pre-date even the franchise titles and those that created "the craze" of the 80's, and to that end you need to go back much, much further. This short video discusses the legendary Ralph Baer's contributions to the hobby that we all enjoy today. He is one of the true pioneers in video gaming.

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  3. 12-02-2020, 06:22 AM
    The following video explains the early history of video games, which dates back even farther than many people may realize, where the first piece of game code, a chess program called "Turbochamp", was created by a British mathematician named Alan Turing in the late 1940's. Prior to that, he cracked the German "Enigma" code during World War II and is regarded by many historians to be the “father of computer science".

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  4. 12-02-2020, 06:41 AM
    The following video is an animated chart showing the brands with the best selling video game consoles from 1972 to 2019.

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  5. 12-02-2020, 07:48 AM
    The following video explains the history of World of Warcraft, whose "corrupted blood incident", a virtual pandemic which began on September 13, 2005 and lasted for a week, drew the attention of epidemiologists, and has many parallels to the global COVID-19 pandemic we're all experiencing today.

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  6. 12-02-2020, 07:59 AM
    How many Sony playstations 1 till 4 and how many XBOX'es
    streaming mspacman normal and turbo speed at:

    Francois du Toit
  7. 12-02-2020, 12:08 PM
    Most players are likely unaware of the earliest "adventure" games available for people with home computers. Some wil; cite the "Scott Adams Graphics Aventures" (SAGA) titles but there were a few that pre-dated those by quite a few years.

    One of them is the precursor to most "dungeon" based titles and was called "Wumpus" or "Hunt the Wumpus" depending on what you heard decades back from your computer buddies.

    The game was as simple as they come...pick a direction, pick an action. The "wumpus" (which you never actually even see) is either there or it is not.

    Here below is a link to a video showing someone playing "Wumpus" as well as a second link that has a bit more history to this important early adventure title.
  8. 12-02-2020, 12:11 PM
    Most players are familiar with some of the oldest "strategic" space based games such as "Star Trek" (arcade), or "Star Raiders" for the Atari 800, but the grand-daddy was the original "Star Trek" text-based game from way, way back in in early 1970's !!

    Using keyboard commands you were faced with a grid of enemy vessels to destroy and other objects. Statistics kept track of your weapon supply but most importantly your fuel supply. This was definitely the pre-cursor to both the infinitely superior "Star Raiders" and a different Atari 2600 simulation game which I personally played decades back but just cannot remember the title of.
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  9. 12-02-2020, 04:21 PM
    The following video describes the history of the Sega 32X, a video game console addon famously called the "Sega Mushroom", that didn't quite live up to the hype.

  10. 12-02-2020, 04:42 PM
    The following video shows the "DK Rap" introduction theme song that's part of the Donkey Kong 64 video game cartridge. A new remixed version of the "DK Rap" was featured in the Nintendo GameCube crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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