ZX Spectrum - Zarjas - EMU - Points - 158 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. ZX Spectrum - Zarjas - EMU - Points - 158 - Luigi Ruffolo

    12-31-2020, 03:19 PM

    EMU - Points
    Zarjas is a standalone version of Lightfarce, the hidden game inside Zub. Original Publisher: Sinclair User (UK) - within "Sinclair User issue 72: Megatape 1". This game has no significant options for the player to select, therefore no specific rules apply.
    Submission Message
    The best run starts at 7:58.
    Final score, high-score table, and initials are shown at 9:52.
    Emulator: Spectaculator 8.0 (Emulator settings shown at the beginning of the video, cassette recorder window visible, RZX recording feature on).
    Additional evidence. The RZX file downloadable as attachment.

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